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Achieving your Dreams Beyond CSUMB

Margo Flitcraft graduated from CSUMB’s Cinematic Arts and Technology (CART) program in 2013. Her professional accomplishments since then have been impressive.

A FeelN Original Docuseries Wonder Women

Flitcraft and fellow CSUMB alumna Lorraine Cardoza (CART, ‘14) were members of the production team for the documentary series “Wonder Women” earlier this year. “Wonder Women” is a six-part, true-life series, highlighting women across the globe who accomplish extraordinary feats every day, challenging themselves and defying expectations. The series won the award for Outstanding Travel and Adventure Program at the 44th Daytime Emmy Awards this past April.

In our interview, we discussed Flitcraft’s keys to success, what she’s been up to since “Wonder Women” and her memories of CSUMB.

Aside from your work as a post-production coordinator on Wonder Women, what other projects have you been working on?

Flitcraft: While the Feeln production team worked on “Wonder Women,” we simultaneously worked on 2016 Oscar short-listed documentary “The Other Side of Home,” an incredible short documentary about the Armenian Genocide. From there, our team worked on a feature-length narrative film “August Creek,” which premiered on the Hallmark streaming service this past August. Since I left Feeln, I spent time as the post-production producer on a Los Angeles-based web series, “Awkward Hot People” and have worked in various freelance environments. I am currently living in the Sonoma area, and am in the writing process for a series that I plan to begin production on in early 2018.

What is the most satisfying or gratifying project you have worked on since graduating from CSUMB?

Flitcraft: I was commissioned to write and direct a very impactful short film called “Don’t Look Away” about the homeless community of San Diego for Think Dignity, a nonprofit organization based in San Diego. I was able to work with people living on the streets to shape a split-screen look at a day in the life of a person living on the streets beside a person living in a house. The video premiered at a gala for Think Dignity where money was raised to fund the services that Think Dignity provides, such as mobile showers, legal counsel and storage facilities for the homeless community of San Diego.

Margo Flitcraft poses with daytime Emmy Award

How did CSUMB prepare you for the work you are 
doing now?

Flitcraft: CSUMB gave me an open platform to shape my voice and discover the messages that I want to share with my films. I always think back to my capstone course with professor Luis Camara, when he showed us photos from his childhood and challenged the class to find our individual paths by looking inside ourselves. When asked what my individual “lens” made the world look like, everything opened up. My capstone film “Please Tell Someone, Dear” is proof of that realization. Once I got my finger on the pulse of a topic that I was passionate about, I was able to fully immerse myself in the project. CSUMB taught me to dive into every project fully and to do everything with passion.

Do you have any words of encouragement for students or anyone else hoping to break into the film industry?

Flitcraft: Every person has their own path. Honestly, I’m not sure what looks like to “break into the film industry.” I’ve just been following my own path and was in the right place at the right time. I started out as an intern working on “Wonder Women,” and after a few months of hard work, once I had gained some confidence in my role, I approached my producer and told her why I thought that I should be the post-production coordinator for the series. She promoted me the following week. I have learned that when you are confident in what you do, others will put their faith in you. Be patient, that confidence does not come overnight; it takes a lot of courage and persistence.

Is there anything else you would like to add about yourself, your work or your love for CSUMB?

Flitcraft: I want to add a BIG BIG BIG shout-out to fellow CSUMB alumna, Lorraine Cardoza. “Wonder Women” would not have been possible without her incredible skills as an editor!

WE are Wonder Women.