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Read This First

Most images are owned by someone. You are responsible for fair use of any images you download or post. Before you use any images you find on the Internet, read the copyright notice. Confused about copyright, fair use, permissions, and licensing? -- see the library's guide to copyright.

Search Engines for Images

Google Images

Yahoo Images

Image and Sound Databases from UC Berkeley

Selected Image Collections

Library of Congress Digital Collections from the Library of Congress

California Heritage Collection from UC Berkeley

California Views historical photos from local commercial photographer

Flickr: The Commons

Life Magazine Photo Archive hosted by Google

New York Public Library Digital Gallery

Prints & Photographs Online Catalog from the Library of Congress

Smithsonian Collections Search Center

University of Texas Map Collection

Wikimedia Commons

Wikipedia: Public Domain Image Resources

You can also try a Google search on "public domain images" to find websites that offer free images you can use in your work.