Copyright sites

CSUMB Library Copyright Site

Crash Course in Copyright (University of Texas, Austin)

This crash course focuses on multimedia, digital libraries, licensing of electronic resources, and the needs of particular audiences (students, staff, librarians, artists, administrators).

Copyright and Fair Use (Stanford University Libraries)

This is a well organized site that provides the ability to search primary materials, current legislation and cases. Links to other sites are available as well as an overview of copyright law.

CETUS (Consortium for Educational Technology for University Systems)

This site contains the electronic version of Fair Use of Copyrighted Works, a pamphlet published by CETUS. It was put together by the Working Group on Ownership, Legal Rights of Use and Fair Use of the CSU-SUNY-CUNY Joint Committee. It also contains links to fair-use guidelines and other resources that are intended to promote a fuller understanding and appreciation of copyright laws.

United States Copyright Office

This sites serves the copyright community of creators and users, as well as the general public. Key publications, including informational circulars; application forms for copyright registration; and links to the copyright law and to the home pages of other copyright-related organizations can be found at this site.

Copyright and Digital Distance Education

This page links to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act of October 1998 as well as linking to the Federal Register notice seeking written comments regarding these matters.

Copyright Clearance Center

The Copyright Clearance Center, Inc. is the largest licenser of photocopy reproduction rights in the world. Check out their list of resources for links to copyright web sites.

United States Copyright Act of 1976, Title 17, US Code

This site links to the various parts of the law that governs copyright in the United States.

Related materials

The following documents may be helpful when addressing copyright issues:

Sample Copyright Permission Forms (PDF)

Fair Use Rules of Thumb for Copyright (by Georgia Harper, UTX Office of Legal Counsel) (PDF)


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