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Department of Biology and Chemistry

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Dr. Nate Jue
Dr. Nathaniel K. Jue

Principal Investigator

Associate Professor in the Department of Biology and Chemistry

Student Photo
Rahil Ryder

Rahil is a Masters Thesis student in the CSUMB Applied Marine and Watershed Sciencegraduate program and is conducting research on the functional genomics of pesticide remediating bacteria.


Blake Hansen
Blake Hansen

Blake conducts research on using metabolic systems biology models to predict phenotypic responses of cancer cells to changes in environment.


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Micaela Colmenarez

Mica is using transcriptomic data on the gonads and brains of various species of fishes to examine the factors contributing to the evolution of sex changes in the fish Family Serranidae.


Connor Kemling
Connor Kemling

Connor is developing an online interactive interface of accessing transcriptomic data on live-bearing fish in the Family Poeciliidae.


Winnie Igbokwe
Winifred Igbokwe

Winnie is working on a research project to examine the evolution of genome size in the chitons.



Dominqiue Scott
Dominique Scott

Dominique is working on a research project to examine the evolution of genome size in the chitons.



Talon Arbuckle
Talon Arbuckle
Currently finishing his undergraduate degree at Northwest Indian College, Talon was an REU student in the Jue Lab in the summer of 2017 during which time he worked on assembly the first draft genome sequence for the hemiclonal fish, Poeciliopsis monacha in collaboration with Dr. Jue and Dr. Robert Vrijenhoek (MBARI).
Alexandra Walling
Alexandra Walling
Currently a Helen Fellow at the American Natural History Museum in New York City, Alexandra worked in the Jue lab as a technician, helping to get the bacterial remediation project up off the ground.
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Charlie Farber
Currently enrolled in a Ph.D. program at Texas A&M University, Charlie worked on a computational project in collaboration with Dr. Mark Akeson's lab at UC Santa Cruz generating novel protein sequences with secondary structure using generalize adversarial networks.