Academic Internships

For Partner Institutions

At CSUMB we understand the value of forging strong and lasting partnerships with engaged community and industry organizations. In our internship program, you will serve as co-educators and help to guide new generations as they enter the workforce. According to a recent Gallup survey (2013), employers are increasingly weighing a candidate's internships and work experience; thus, it is vital that we work collaboratively to prepare our region's graduates. CSUMB students must enroll in a course and complete class requirements to participate in an academic internship.

Before filling a Request Form please review our FAQ section.

Contact Rhonda Mercadal Evans at the Career Center

Your organization's role

As an academic credit internship partner, you are responsible for:

  • Completing a partner experience survey.
  • Verifying internship hours completed; and,
  • Allowing interns to meet with their supervisors and receive feedback on their activities on a regular basis;
  • Providing a workplace orientation to the student including safety and emergency procedures;
  • Providing training and consistent guidance and supervision by a professional staff member;
  • Permitting, as needed, a CSUMB faculty/staff member to conduct a site visit prior to the student commencing internship work;
  • Ensuring a safe and appropriate learning environment;
  • Ensuring the internship position consists of pre-professional or professionally-related work assignments and tasks;
Snowy Plover Intern

Interested in working with us?

Steps for creating a partnership:

  1. Complete the Request to Initiate Partnership form online. If the internship is unpaid, please review the Department of Labor’s guidance on Internship Programs and the Fair Labor Standards Act and ensure that the internship opportunity meets the stated criteria for an allowable unpaid internship.Once a Request Form is submitted, it will create a new parent site profile within CSUMB Placements.
  2. Next, our staff will prepare a Site Assessment; be aware this may take a couple days to process. In anticipation of the contract, please review the UAAPS agreement. Please pay attention to the Insurance and Identification sections under General Provisions.
  3. After completing the contract, it will be sent to be signed and submitted into CSUMB Placements by our professional staff. You will receive confirmation that an agreement has been settled. Thank you for your patience and we are happy to now be working with you!
  4. At your own discretion, feel free to communicate with interested students through interviews or on-campus visits. We can provide interview rooms and parking passes.