Academic Internships

For Faculty

Our goals in the Office of Academic Internships are to:

  1. Provide robust administrative and operational support for the faculty and students engaged in the high-impact practice of for-credit, academic internships; and
  2. Assist with sustaining existing and developing new university-community partnerships related to for-credit internships.
  • Develop and screen academic internship sites for appropriateness and safety.
  • Promote the CSUMB internship program to students and the community.
  • Retain student placement and consent form information.
  • Collect and retain student placement data to generate reports.
  • Provide faculty development opportunities in the area of internship program practices and pedagogy.

1. Placements must be at University Approved Agencies

Approved agencies are organizations with a formal 5-year contract in place, called a UAAPS (University Agency Agreement for the Placement of Students). All UAAPS agencies are kept on the CSUMB Placements Database. All CSUMB Faculty and Staff have access to this list.

For Agencies not in the Database

If it is an organization which will have recurring placements, work with the Academic Internships Office to get a current UAAPS in place. 

2. Before Service

Before service, a student must have the following documentation:

  • A Learning Plan
  • Orientation information
  • Release Of Liability

If your students register their placement in CSUMB's Placements database all of the forms are built into the database. Otherwise, default PDF versions of each of these forms can be found on the website under the forms tab above.

End of the Semester/ After Service

All Academic Internship Placements must be reported online before the end of the semester. All Student documentation must be retained either in the CSUMB Placements or by the Academic Internship’s Originating Department.

For more information or if you need assistance contact the Office of Academic Internships located in RM 3146 inside the library.