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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at Work: Inclusive Excellence Plans

September 18, 2023

CSUMB advances excellence through inclusion and equity. We promote diverse identities and ideas as assets that enhance student learning and employee effectiveness. 

We seek to create a university environment where all students, faculty, and staff: 

  • feel a sense of belonging at CSUMB
  • can engage in campus life fully
  • can achieve their academic or professional goals

Beginning in 2017, the Strategic Planning Committee and working groups created a strategic plan, operating on five-year action cycles, focused on student success and on what our region needs most to impact the lives and future of our community positively. Our strategic plan is the framework for our processes and decision-making. It informs and aids our focus as we set priorities. It guides us on the data to collect and evaluate to effectively accomplish our goals. It is the basis for making budget decisions and serves as a reminder of what we value most.

The Strategic Planning Committee defined Inclusive Excellence as the 2nd of 5 priorities for the 2019-2024 action cycle

The strategies for the Inclusive Excellence priority are:

  • Anticipate and respond to the needs of a diverse university community.
  • Strengthen outreach, recruitment, retention, and professional development of diverse faculty, staff, and administrators.
  • Leverage the diversity of our university community to enhance the educational experience for all students.
  • Ensure graduates can engage in ethical reasoning and public action informed by historical, multicultural, global, ecological, and equity perspectives.

These strategies will:

  • Align diversity work on campus 
  • Establish common goals
  • Support existing campus programs and initiatives

The pilot for this priority began in 2021. To date, 26 units, with over 150 CSUMB community members representing all areas across campus, have drafted IE Plans. Work will continue through the 2023-24 academic year with a new Presidential goal of having every single unit draft an Inclusive Excellence Plan. Check out the current unit plans.

CSUMB Inclusive Excellence Plans 2023

Visit the Office of Inclusive Excellence and Sustainability Inclusive Excellence Plan page to learn more about this critical strategic priority.