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Service and Civic Engagement: Caring for Animals in Our Community

November 27, 2023

This time of the year can be stressful for you, your friends, and your family. Did you know that it is also stressful for our furry friends? This week’s Pearl will focus on ways you can support the animals in our community.

Recognizing that the holiday season can be stressful for our furry friends is essential. Here are some tips to help support and ensure the well-being of animals in our community during this time:

  1. Stick to a Routine: Animals, especially pets, thrive on routine. Try to maintain their regular feeding and walking schedule as much as possible. Changes in routine can cause stress, so consistency is critical.
  2. Create a Safe Space: Provide a quiet and comfortable space for your pets to retreat if the holiday festivities become overwhelming. This can be a designated room with their bed, toys, and water.
  3. Watch the Decorations: Some holiday decorations can be hazardous to pets. Make sure to keep tinsel, ornaments, and other small decorations out of reach. Tinsel, in particular, can be tempting for cats but is dangerous if ingested.
  4. Be Mindful of Food: Many holiday foods are not safe for pets. Keep chocolate, alcohol, bones, and other toxic foods away from them. Also, inform guests about not feeding table scraps to pets.
  5. Avoid Loud Noises: Fireworks and loud celebrations can be frightening for pets. Ensure your pets have a quiet and secure place to retreat during noisy events. Consider using background noise, like soft music or white noise, to mask loud sounds.
  6. Check Identification: With guests coming and going, pets are more likely to escape. Double-check that your pets wear proper identification, and consider getting them microchipped if they aren't already.
  7. Adopt Responsibly: While the holiday season may inspire thoughts of adopting a new pet, it's crucial to do so responsibly. Ensure that the decision to bring a new animal into the home is well-thought-out and based on the ability to provide long-term care.
  8. Educate Others: Share these tips with friends and family to raise awareness about the well-being of animals during the holidays. Encourage responsible pet ownership and compassion towards all creatures.
  9. Support Animal Welfare Organizations and Shelters:  Donate or volunteer for local animal welfare organizations. They often have increased needs during the holiday season and can use all the support they can get. Consider donating pet food, blankets, toys, or your time to local animal shelters. Even better, donate your time. Check out the volunteering opportunities below.  

Volunteer Opportunities

SPCA Monterey County

Our mission is to assure the compassionate treatment of all animals through rescue, rehabilitation, protection, and education. Volunteers provide essential support to our programs and services that help all animals in need.

Salinas Valley Health - Pet Therapy

Pet Therapy Volunteers bring joy to patients, visitors, and staff through their visits with their Therapy Dogs International certified pets.

Best Friends

Want to volunteer to help save the lives of pets around the country from the comfort of your home? You can put your passion and professional skills to work and help homeless pets.