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Samuel Perrello (Marine Science, M.S.)

Student on beach with backpack

Samuel Perrello

December 7, 2022

By Jianshan Chen Khalsa

“Everything is there and ripe for the taking…”

Samuel Perrello, a first-year student in the master’s program in Marine Science, was a CSUMB undergraduate Marine Science major and UROC Scholar working in Dr. Alison Haupt’s laboratory. He is currently working on a Rockfish Hypoxia project with Dr. Scott Hamilton and Dr. Cheryl Logan at Moss Landing Marine Laboratories (MLML) while completing video fish ID for a State-wide Surf Zone Monitoring project.  We contacted Samuel to learn more about his experience. His interview is presented in below.

What is your career goal?

I hope to obtain my Master’s here at CSUMB and MLML and then work at a Non-profit or government agency (perhaps MBARI) for a few years before going back to obtain my Ph.D. and eventually teaching at the University level.

Why did you choose CSUMB?

Its accessibility and resources. It is so close to the ocean and has many resources available for students if they take initiative and set out to accomplish their goals.

How was the bond between you and the faculty at the school?

The faculty are great. They are all extremely knowledgeable and experts in their field. The sciences community is strong and closely knit as well. Anyone can point you in the right direction to get into contact with someone who shares your interests.

How did CSUMB prepare you for your graduate program?

CSUMB had some rigorous, hands-on course work such as the Stats class (STAT 250) and upper division, field work-oriented classes that really put in perspective how science is conducted as well as the writing process afterwards.

How has participating in community service and/or extracurricular activities changed your perception of the role of the individual in the community?

I not only helped out at local elementary school but also joined, and later became president of, the Men’s Rugby Club on campus. Both opportunities helped in my resume building but that was not the reason I joined them. They helped me make friends in the area, gave depth to the place I was living and made my entire experience in college more enjoyable.

What suggestions would you give to the students at CSUMB?

Take initiative. This is college and no one is going to do the work for you. Everything is there and ripe for the taking, so take advantage of it! Join clubs and become part of the community. Reach out to faculty who do things you are passionate about! Ask for help if you need it! There is something out there for whatever you are looking for, and it is up to you to find it.