Fiscal Year 2019/20 Now Open!

Hi All,

Effective June 20, 2019, the campus may create Purchase Requisitions in CFS for Fiscal Year 2019/20; however, please be mindful of the following important guidelines and procedures:

1. Purchase Requisitions and any supporting documents may be created and routed for signatures, but we will not be able to convert or source them to Purchase Orders until July 1 or very soon after, since there is still much financial activity affecting Purchase Orders for Fiscal Year 2018/19. Because we are concentrating on all aspects of year end closing, please only create Requisitions that are urgently needed in early July.

2. When creating your purchase requisitions within June, be very careful to manually change the dates on the requisitions to 7/1/2019, or later, for each of the three date fields of PO Date, Accounting Date and Budget Date.

3. Until the California State budget is passed, please place the following statement on all purchase requisitions comments:

“This PO is subject to the appropriation of funds for FY 2019/20

by the California State Legislature.”

If you have any questions or need further assistance please do not hesitate to contact Eva Salas, x3751, Reyola Carlisle, x3506, Michael Phillips, x4252, or Miguel Silva at x5058.

-- Thank You!