College of Education

Human Development and Family Science Department

Ways to support the Human Development and Family Science Department

As a state-supported institution, CSUMB stretches its budget to meet the needs of the students, faculty, and staff as much as possible.  However, there are always gaps in which donors can provide support for Human Development & Family Science students and faculty.

Consider a book scholarship.  Many students would benefit from additional funding to help offset the cost of textbooks.  A small donation could ease the burden of expenses for students.

Technology scholarship.  Today’s world requires students to have ready access to technology and technological resources.  Students often cannot afford to purchase or upgrade their equipment to accommodate the speeds and software needed to keep up with the University learning environment.  A scholarship could provide a student with the resources needed to further their education.

Tuition scholarships.  A large number of HDFS students are first-generation college students who would benefit from traditional scholarships to offset the cost of their college education.  Dedicated scholarships for HDFS majors can have a large impact in helping students reach their goal of a degree and changing their lives.

Graduate School and Credential Scholarships.  Many HDFS graduates are looking towards professions that require a teaching credential or Master’s degree to be qualified.  A scholarship for a graduate Master’s or credential program at CSUMB or at other universities can support the development of well-grounded professions into vital service fields.

Support faculty research.  HDFS faculty are active researchers furthering the insights of the field.  Oftentimes, small and large research endeavors may not fit well into established public grants, and HDFS faculty cannot attain those grants.  Donors can extend the possibility of learning for student collaborators and for the research programs of faculty by creating a pool of funds for targeted research.  

Endow a professorship.  Underwrite a faculty position to support the mission of the Department in serving students.

If you are interested in financially supporting the Human Development and Family Science Department in small or in large ways, please reach out to the Chair of the Department.