Training Certification

Training certification is typically required in advance of submitting an application, protocol or conducting a research activity. For example, the CPHS requires all members of a research team be certified in human subjects protections prior to submitting a protocol.

You can complete most research-related training online via the web-based software: Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI). Training required by the Chancellor's Office, e.g.: FERPA & Protecting Education and Data Security & Privacy, is provided through SumTotal.

Research Related CITI Courses

CSUMB subscribes to the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) on-line training program. Any researcher affiliated with CSUMB may complete CITI Program training. CITI training is widely recognized professionally for exceeding minimum standards of training in research ethics.

  • Human Subjects Research (IRB/CPHS)
  • Animal Care & Use (IACUC)
  • Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR)
  • Biosafety/Biohazard (BSS)
  • Information Privacy Security (HIPPA)
  • Financial Conflict of Interest (F-COI) - for federal funds ONLY, see Human Resources for stateside training
  • Export Control (ExC)
  • Good Laboratory Practice (GLP)

Other Institutional Training

Some system-wide, institutional training, is applicable to research protocols (FERPA & Data Privacy, etc.). You may substitute certifications from SumTotal as applicable to your protocol.

SumTotal (the new SkillPort)

CSUMB has transitioned system-wide training to SumTotal (from SkillPort). If you're having difficulty with SumTotal, contact the designated reference.

Responsible Data Management

The HHS Office of Research Integrity (ORI) offers free training on research Data Management Practices (chapter 6 in Introduction to the Responsible Conduct of Research).

Other Compliance Training

Training in other compliance is listed on the individual tabs: Chemical & Lab Safety and Data Management Planning.

Documentation: CITI Completion Report

Download and attach the COMPLETION REPORT (not the certificate) to your protocol. The completion report itemizes all the modules you completed.

Note that CPHS staff can lookup CITI records. Even so, you should retain a copy (PDF or print-out) for your records at all times. You can log back into CITI to re-print your completion reports, complete training in other topics we subscribe to, or change affiliation to another subscribing institution.

The CPHS does not have access to other certification systems or training documentation. You must maintain and provide these certifications to the CPHS.

New or Transferring to CSUMB?

If you are new to CSUMB from another CITI-subscribing institution/university, follow these instructions to transfer your CITI certification credits to CSUMB. Each institution/university subscribes to the modules of their choice so you may be required to complete additional modules in order to meet CSUMB's certification standards (but you will not have to repeat modules we have in common).

Affiliated & Engaged Researchers

If you are engaged in research with CSUMB, as a Co-PI or sub-recipient for example, and training is required for your activities with us, you may log into CITI as a guest user and "affiliate" with CSU Monterey Bay. Follow these instructions.

CITI training for Human Subjects Research is listed under Human Subjects Research and is called "Researcher Course". It's comprised of required modules and optional modules. Complete all the required modules to obtain a basic training certification. Then complete optional modules which apply to your research. You may be asked by the CPHS to return to CITI and complete optional modules commensurate with your protocol.

A complete list of basic required and optional modules can be viewed in CITI after you enroll in "Human Subjects Research - Researcher Course". Preview the list at: ALL CITI Required and Optional Modules available to CSUMB researchers.

Alternative Training Permitted

While the CPHS accepts alternative training, researchers who do NOT complete training via CSUMB's CITI Program, MUST provide certification of training completion to the compliance managing staff. In other words: If you completed any other human subjects protections training, you must retain your certificate and provide it to the CPHS. We cannot access certification records for anything completed outside of our CITI Program system.

RCR Training Options

Training via CITI is minimally required. In addition to CITI, researchers may select from these or many other resources available online today: