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Email Reminders

Remember to use a clear subject line, include a professional salutation, introduce yourself (if necessary), indicate your course and section number, be specific and concise in the information/request, proofread for grammar, spelling, and punctuation, provide necessary context for your request. Here is an example.

Subject: HCOM431-15 Essay Clarification

Hello, Professor,

I am a student in your HCOM431-15 class, at 4pm every Wednesday.

For our essay 2 due next month, I have some clarifying questions regarding the prompt and the citation method. For our topic of discussion, are we able to pick from anything we’ve discussed in class, or only the list provided on iLearn?

Also, you ask for a Works Cited at the end of our essay, should this be in MLA or APA format? I couldn’t find it listed on the prompt page.

Thank you for your assistance, in advance!


Monte Rey