Helen Rucker Center for Black Excellence

Mandla Mentoring 2.0

Students of African Heritage looking at a computer screen

Dear CSUMB Students of African Heritage:

CSUMB’s African Heritage Faculty and Staff Alliance (AHFSA) is offering small group mentoring opportunities for students of African heritage. Each group is a family under the guidance of a professional employee of color or designated ally.

Some benefits to you are:

  • An immediate sense of belonging, socializing, and connecting with other students of African descent in your field of study to share an appreciation for your culture and
  • Creating solutions for your educational, personal, and professional challenges with referrals to campus
  • Job and career advising, internships, research, scholarship opportunities, and invitations to attend professional and academic
  • Encouragement, inspiration, and fun working with peers and professional

To learn more about our mentoring program or to sign up, please contact us at aahfsa@csumb.edu

For questions contact: 
Ms. Rhonda Mercadal-Evans - rmercadal@csumb.edu 
Dr. Vivian Waldrup-Patterson - vwaldrup-patterson@csumb.edu.