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Freshman Pathways

Find your major below to see a typical pathway or map to complete your degree in four years.

These pathways are for freshmen enrolling at CSUMB in Fall 2024.  Pathways from previous years are available on the Pathway Archive

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) Freshman Pathways

Bachelor of Science (B.S.) Freshman Pathways 

Freshman Pathways- Alphabetical List by Major

Agricultural Plant and Soil Sciences Freshman Pathway

Agricultural, Plant, and Soil Sciences Freshman Pathway

Students majoring in AGPS will complete their science and math general education requirements in their major. 

Biology B.S. + Integrated Teaching Credential Freshman Pathway

This pathway is for Biology majors who plan to teach high school and would like the opportunity to complete their Biology B.S. and the teaching credential within four years (including summers) in a total of approximatedly 135 credits.

Biology B.S. + Teaching Credential Freshman Pathway

Cinematic Arts and Technology B.A. Freshman Pathway

Cinematic Arts Freshman Pathway

Collaborative Health and Human Services B.S. Freshman Pathway

Students majoring in Collaborative Health and Human Services select one of the concentrations below, depending on career goals and interests. The interdisciplinary concentration allows students to take coursework from two of the other three concentrations.  
CHHS: Interdisciplinary Freshman Pathway
CHHS: Public Administration and Non-Profit Management Freshman Pathway
CHHS: Public Health Freshman Pathway
CHHS: Social Work Freshman Pathway

Communication Design B.S. Freshman Pathways

Communication Design majors select a concentration in Game Design or Visual Design. 
CD: Game Design Freshman Pathway
CD: Visual Design Freshman Pathway

Computer Science B.S. Freshman Pathways

Computer Science majors select one of four concentrations from the list below. The courses for the first two years are identical, so students don't need to select a concentration until the second semester of their sophomore year.
CS: Data Science Freshman Pathway
CS: Game Development Freshman Pathway
CS: Network and Security Freshman Pathway
CS: Software Engineering Freshman Pathway

Environmental Science, Technology, & Policy B.S. Freshman Pathways

Environmental Science, Technology, and Policy majors select one of the following concentrations by the end of their sophmore year. All three pathways are identical during the freshman and sophomore years.
ESTP: Applied Ecology Freshman Pathway
ESTP: Environmental Data Analysis Freshman Pathway
ESTP: Watershed Systems Freshman Pathway

Environmental Studies B.A. Freshman Pathways

Environmental Studies majors select one of the following concentrations, and also have the opportunity to complete a related minor. 
ENSTU: Education and Community Outreach Freshman Pathway
ENSTU: Sustainable Communities Freshman Pathway

Ethnic and Gender Studies B.A. Freshman Pathway

Ethnic and Gender Studies Freshman Pathways

Global Studies B.A. Freshman Pathway

Global Studies Freshman Pathway

Human Development & Family Science B.S. Freshman Pathway

Human Development and Family Services Freshman Pathway

Humanities and Communication B.A. Freshman Pathways

The Humanities and Communication B.A. is an interdisciplinary major that offers eight concentrations, which students select no later than the fall of their junior year. All concentrations follow the same pathway their freshman and sophomore year, as show below.  
HCOM Freshman / Sophomore Pathway
Students can learn more about HCOM concentrations in the CSUMB Catalog, and can declare a concentration using MyLearning Plan in Oasis.  

Japanese Language & Culture B.A. Freshman Pathway

Japanese Language and Culture Freshman Pathway 
Note that most Japanese majors study abroad during their junior year, and that is built into the pathway.  

Kinesiology B.S. Freshman Pathways

Kinesiology majors select a concentration in either Exercise Science or Wellness. 
KIN: Exercise Science Freshman Pathway
KIN: Wellness Freshman Pathway

Liberal Studies B.A. Freshman Pathway

LS: Traditional Freshman Pathway

Liberal Studies Integrated Teacher Educuation (ITEP) B.A. + Credential Pathways

The Liberal Studies Integrated Teacher Preparation (ITEP) program allows students to earn a B.A. in Liberal Studies and complete their teaching credential in 135 total credits.  Students should consult with the Liberal Studies ITEP advisor for more information about the criteria to be eligible for the credential portion of this program. 
LS: Credential + Integrated Bilingual Elementary Education Freshman Pathway
LS: Credential + Integrated Elementary Education Freshman Pathway
LS: Credential + Integrated Special Education Freshman Pathway

Marine Science B.S. Freshman Pathway

Marine Science Freshman Pathway

Mechatronics Engineering B.S. Freshman Pathway

Mechatronics Engineering Freshman Degree Pathway

Music B.A. Freshman Pathway

Music majors can select a concentration in Music Technology, or complete the standard Music B.A., in which students take music electives instead of music technology concentration courses.
Music Freshman Pathway
Music: Recording Technology Freshman Pathway

Psychology B.A. Freshman Pathway

Psychology Freshman Pathway

Social & Behavioral Sciences B.A. Freshman Pathways

Students majoring in Social and Behavioral Sciences (SBS) select one of the following concentrations, or select a related minor (see below) instead of a concentration. 
SBS: Generic Freshman / Sophomore Pathway
To learn more about the concentrations and optional minors for the SBS major, please refer to the SBS page of the CSUMB Catalog or  the SBS junior/Senior pathways page.

Sociology B.A. Freshman Pathway

Sociology Freshman Pathway

Spanish Language & Hispanic Cultures B.A. Freshman Pathway

Spanish Language and Culture Freshman Pathway

Statistics B.S. Freshman Pathway

Statistics Freshman Pathway

Sustainable Hospitality Management Freshman Pathways

Students in the Sustainable Hospitality Management major select one of two concentrations:
HOSP: Destination and Tourism Management Freshman Pathway
HOSP: Hospitality and Event Management Freshman Pathway

Visual and Public Art B.A. Freshman Pathway

Visual Publics Art Freshman Pathway