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Guides & Tools

There are many online tools students can use to make advising easier. From making online appointments with advisors, to building your custom schedule. We have all the information to get you started.

CSUMB Dashboard

What the Dashboard is, all its features and how to access it.

Adding Classes to your Shopping Cart

Learn how to add classes to your shopping cart, how to validate your shopping cart and check to see if you need permission numbers.

OASIS Academic Requirements Page

The Academic Requirements Page is a personalized graduation checklist. It will tell you everything about your degree requirements, no setup required. It can also show you the courses that can complete any missing requirements.

Schedule Planner

The schedule planner lets you enter in courses you want to take next semester, and creates a schedule for you. It will show you all possible schedules and let you compare them. You can also enter in breaks and times you're not available. You can even load your schedule straight into your shopping cart!

Making an Online Appointment

Learn how to book an appointment online with an Academic, Career and Success Advisors.

My Learning Plan

Click the link above to learn all about what the Learning Plan tool is and how it works.

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