Academic Affairs

Provost's Statement on Principles of Academic Affairs Assessment

  1. The purpose of academic assessment is to enhance student learning by generating evidence used to understand and improve the quality of curricular and co-curricular programs in Academic Affairs.
  2. Assessment of student curricular and co-curricular achievement of learning outcomes will be guided by CSUMB's mission and, specifically, by student learning outcomes statements at institutional and program levels.
  3. The Assessment Committee of the Academic Senate will provide oversight of the assessment of curricular programs and processes, including determining expectations and standards for assessment quality and reporting.
  4. All curricular programs will develop and implement plans for assessment of student learning based on their stated learning outcomes and document the use of assessment results to enhance student learning.
  5. Faculty direct the process of assessment of student achievement in their own curricular programs. In general, this process will include the determination of learning outcomes; selection of suitable methods for assessment of student learning; and analysis, interpretation, and use of assessment results.
  6. Direct methods of assessing student learning are emphasized. However, the assessment method employed will depend on both the nature of the learning outcomes and the type of student learning assessment most appropriate for individual programs. Course grades are not adequate indicators of specific learning outcomes.
  7. Academic Affairs will work collaboratively with Student Affairs to assess student achievement in co-curricular programs.
  8. Evaluation of assessment results will be limited to making curricular or program improvements to enhance student learning. Specifically, assessment of results will never be used for any faculty, staff, or student evaluation. Further, to the extent possible, student and instructor names will be removed from all student work prior to assessment. Student and instructor names will never be published in assessment reports or in any other form that could reflect on the performance of an individual faculty member or student.
  9. Assessment of student learning will be done in a planned, ongoing, and systematic manner. Administrative offices will assist with monitoring, tracking, and ensuring quality of assessment processes, disseminating best practices, and providing support for faculty development.
  10. The processes of assessment of student learning will be monitored and reviewed on a regular cycle, and revised as required.