Academic Affairs

Assessment and Program Review

Program Review

There are three primary purposes for engaging Program Review: Quality assurance, program improvement, and program and resource alignment.

Successful Academic Program Review answers the following questions:

  • How effective is student learning in the program?
  • How well does the program meet the institution's goals?
  • How well does the program prepare graduates for the profession?
  • How do experts in the field (academic and/or non-academic) assess the program?
  • Academic program review is a cyclical and ongoing process that begins with the development of a program improvement plan in year one, followed by five years of annual assessment work by program faculty, and culminating in the program’s self-study, external review, and internal review. Please see the graphic below for details; or alternatively, a full description of the process illustrated below is available in the Academic Program Review Manual.

    circular flow chart that illustrates the 7 year program review process
    7 Year Program Review Process