Mission and Strategic Plan

Beginning in 2017, the Strategic Planning Committee and working groups created a strategic plan, operating on five-year action cycles, focused on student success and on what our region needs most to positively impact the lives and future of our community. Each cycle will stay true to our values, but will update the goals and objectives to most effectively advance the mission of the university. This executive summary outlines our living strategic plan, able to adjust as conditions change.

The Mission, Vision, and Values are a succinct statement of our fundamental purpose, the institution we want to become, and the ethical principles that guide us in our work.


To prepare students to contribute responsibly to California and the global community by providing transformative learning experiences in an inclusive environment.


We will be recognized as a premier comprehensive university that prepares reflective practitioners, innovative leaders, and thriving citizens dedicated to the public good.


We have identified nine core values based on our vision. These provide a common focus for our academic programming, enrollment efforts, budgeting, fundraising, and general operations.

  1. Student-centeredness
  2. Intellectual Curiosity
  3. Creativity and Innovation
  4. Integrity, Accountability and Mutual Respect
  5. Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
  6. Service and Civic Engagement
  7. Sustainability
  8. Global Orientation
  9. Health and Wellness

Strategic Plan

Our strategic plan is the framework for our processes and decision making. It informs and aids our focus as we set priorities. It guides us on the data to collect and evaluate in order to be effective in accomplishing our goals. It is the basis for making budget decisions and it serves as a reminder of what we value most.