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Sustainable Events at CSUMB

There are many different ways to incorporate sustainable practices when planning out events. The Sustainable Events Blueprint details how you can integrate sustainability in 3 simple steps. Following the completion of these steps you will receive a sustainability score for your event.

Step 1. Review the Sustainable Events Blueprint (below). The Blueprint includes the checklist question and provides resources. Reviewing these in advance with the team planning the event will help you identify steps to take to ensure your event is sustainable and inclusive.
Step 2. Complete the Sustainability Pre-Event Checklist (SEB-C) to get your Event Sustainability Score.
Step 3. Review your score and integrate it into the messaging and communication of your event.
Sustainability as a team


Sustainable Events Blueprint Checklist Items

What is your Event Sustainability Score?

Answer some questions about your event and receive your Event Sustainability Score.  

Find your Event Sustainability Score

Event Sustainability Scoring System

Rank Bronze Silver Gold Platinum
Score 5-9 points 10-15 points 16-24 points 25+ points