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Master of Science Speech-Language Pathology

Jessica Moon


Jessica Moon

Jessica is a CSUMB alumna (class of 2008) who returned to the “kelp bed” for graduate school. She is currently in her second year of graduate studies in CSUMB's M.S. Speech-Language Pathology (SLP) inaugural cohort. Jessica valued the intimate and hands-on experience that CSUMB provided as an undergraduate student and is thrilled these principles are continued in her graduate program as she gains knowledge and experience in SLP through academic coursework and community placements in schools, private practices, and hospitals in Monterey County. Jessica intends to stay in the area to provide SLP services in the Monterey community upon graduation. Jessica would like to congratulate the inaugural CSUMB M.S. SLP cohort for their hard work and dedication; she is proud to contribute to the program’s ongoing and future success.

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Diana Ha

Diana Ha, a member of the inaugural cohort in the CSUMB SLP program, thrived in a close-knit community formed through genuine camaraderie and mutual support. Over the two-year program, she learned invaluable teamwork skills, thanks to the dedication of the program director and professors who went above and beyond to meet student needs. The individualized interview process allowed her to share her personal story and passion for speech-language pathology. The program's diverse hands-on experiences in the university clinic, school, and medical settings, coupled with the flexibility of the hybrid program, equipped Diana for real-world practice. Incoming students can anticipate a strong sense of community, numerous practicum experiences in various settings, and high-quality supervision throughout the program.