University President

Strategic Initiatives

University Budget Committee

Formed February 22, 2023

  • Yolanda Anglin, Director of Budget and Planning
    Brian Rice, Academic Affairs Budget Officer
    Barbara Zappas, Vice President for Development
    Lipika Deka, Chair of BRMC
    Christina Rocchi, Staff Council Chair (interim)
    Linda Jenkins, Staff Council Treasurer
    Juanita Cole, Dean, CAHSS
    Marylou Shockley, Interim Dean, COB
    David England, Interim Dean, COE
    Harald Barkhoff, Dean, CHSHS
    Andrew Lawson, Dean, COS
    Jacqui Grallo, Interim Dean, Library
    Juan Gonzalez, Analyst, CAHSS
    Aaron Snyder, Analyst, COB
    Alyssa Huerta, Analyst, COE
    Crescenda Zuccaro, Analyst, CHSHS
    Bobby Quiñonez, Analyst, COS
    Nicole Janisch, Analyst, Library
    Stacy Skibinski, Analyst, Student Success/Undergraduate Studies
    Enid Rice, CAHSS Faculty
    Mary Anne Majadillas, COB Faculty
    Dennis Kombe, COE Faculty
    Trish Sevene, CHSHS Faculty
    Michael Scott, COS Faculty
    Jeff Corrigan, Library Faculty
    Hayley Azevedo, AVP and Deputy Chief of Staff, Office of the President
    Lynn Downey, Administrative Office, Admin&Finance
    Rebecca Nannie, Senior Analyst, IT
    Denise Wineglass, Director, Prospect Research and Advancement Services
    Christy Underwood, Administrative Services Manager, Student Affairs


Given your role at CSU Monterey Bay, we invite you to serve on the University Budget Committee (UBC), which replaces the previous Strategic Budget Committee. The University Budget Committee (UBC) is an advisory committee under the leadership of the Provost and Chief Financial Officer (CFO). charged with serving as a deliberative body that provides the CSUMB President with ongoing advice and recommendations related to budget policy, planning, and assessment The UBC is also expected to: share commitment to transparency in fiscal decision-making; advise the University and community about budget matters; bring fiscal concerns of the community to the administration; ensure that the University’s priorities are reflected in its budget through coordinated consultation, discussion, education, and outreach to the University community; review budget assumptions and plans for academic units and administrative groups including annual operating budgets, multi-year forecasts, and capital budgets. : The Provost, in consultation with the CFO appoints members to UBC based on university role, expertise, and commitment. Committee members are responsible for: establishing and maintaining communication links to and from their constituencies (Senates, Councils, Cabinet) to ensure that all employees have an opportunity to offer input on the budget process and priorities; represent their constituencies on committee recommendations whenever possible; are elected and appointed; representatives serve for three years with the possibility of reelection or reappointment for one consecutive term; eligibility is effective again after a hiatus of one year.

The Provost and CFO or designee will be responsible for developing meeting agendas; advising the co-chairs regarding UBC business and governance; consulting on processes; guiding new member appointments determining methods for public engagement; identifying materials for distribution to UBC members before the meeting; bringing to the Steering Committee questions and concerns raised by the campus community; additional duties needed, such as coordinating progress reports from any ad hoc UBC.

The UBC will meet monthly and hold additional meetings as needed. Member attendance at the meetings is critical. If an appointed member misses more than one meeting without discussing the absence with the co-chairs in advance, the member may be replaced on the committee. Service on the committee may require meetings to discuss the budget prior to the Fall or Spring semesters. It is understood that meetings held over Summer and winter break may interrupt faculty member breaks, but when membership is accepted, it is with this understanding. Jennifer Hinds, Administrative Assistant to the Provost, created a Doodle Poll to schedule the first meeting.

    1. Committee member introductions
    2. Review of UBC charge and expectations
    3.  Presentation of budget data supporting this initiative
      1. “Where we are and where do we need to be?”
    4.  Review meeting logistics
      1.  Monthly
      2. No more than 2 hours
      3. Face-to-face and Hybrid
      4. Expected Attendees
      5. Shared drive to store meeting agendas, minutes, decisions, reports, etc.
      6. Assignment for the first meeting
        1. Complete the Doodle Poll
        2. Review any pre-reading materials.