University President

Strategic Initiatives

Transfer Success Community College Working Group

Formed February 9, 2023

  • Thomas Horvath, Associate Dean COS (Co-Chair)
    Kim Guanzon, Admissions (Co-Chair)
    Sharon Anderson, Academic Advising
    Janine De Leon, Enrollment Reporting Analyst
    Judith Canner, SCCC
    Amanda Pullum, CAHSS
    Dante DiGregorio, COB
    Patty Whang, COE
    Trish Sevene, CHSHS
    J.P. Dundore-Arias, COS
    Christina Rocchi, Academic Programs and Policy Specialist
    Josh Warburg, Bright Futures Partnership


I invite you to join the Transfer Success (Community College) Working Group, which is comprised of faculty, staff and administrators from various areas of the University that directly affect transfer student success and retention. CSUMB's vision is to become recognized as a premier transfer-friendly university. We aim to build on the momentum created by our progress, the MOU with community colleges and our need to improve more seamless and transparent course transfers. This working group (TSCC) is being convened to examine transfer student success at CSUMB. The overall goal is to create a competitive landscape to recruit strong transfer students and to support them through successful graduation at CSUMB, both improving the transfer experience and increasing retention.

We need recommendations from this working group on how to lead and facilitate the removal of obstacles toward a seamless transfer. The TSCC is charged with seeking ways to strengthen transfer processes at CSUMB, by exploring the following: what is needed to complete a credit evaluation for all transfer students before they enroll at CSUMB; the feasibility to accept AA degrees for a 2-year college transfer; a better/automatized process for evaluating transfer course/credits; how to develop and maintain up-to-date articulation agreements and academic pathways agreed to by MOU.

While this working group is actively addressing these questions, the PRESS working group will explore: the option to monitor and assess the transfer-student experience as we do the first-year student experience; what will be needed to create a campus “home/community” for transfer students by establishing a campus transfer center that allows students to meet others like themselves, obtain access to sustained advising and prepare for the transition to the larger campus community; reserving housing for transfer students on or near campus to shorten (or eliminate) their commute and provide them with time to fully engage the campus community; and how to commit sustained resources to our web presence to differentiate CSUMB, build prospective student interest, offer clear descriptions of what is needed to successfully transfer to CSUMB, and increase student enrollments.

TSCC will be co-chaired by Associate Dean Thomas Horvath and Admissions Director Kim Guanzon. During Spring 2023, the working group will meet regularly, research and identify best practices and forward recommendations. These recommendations will be presented to the Provost and CSUMB community at the end of the Spring 2023 semester. Recommendations from both the working groups groups will enable CSUMB to develop a comprehensive transfer initiative by Summer 2023.

We anticipate that TSCC will meet twice monthly and a time commitment of 2-3 hours per week on TSCC matters. Subcommittee meetings will be determined by the respective group. Jennifer Hinds, Administrative Assistant to the Provost, will shortly send out a Doodle Poll to schedule a first meeting.

    1. Working group member introductions
    2. Explanation of name (TSCC)
    3. Review of TSCC Mission and Charge
    4. Presentation of statistical data supporting this initiative
      1. “Where we are and where we strive to be?”
    5. Expectations for actual change/success
    6. Review meeting logistics
      1. Once or twice each month
      2. No more than 2 hours
      3. Video-conference
      4. Expected Attendees
      5. Shared folder established to store meeting agendas, minutes, decisions, training
        materials, etc.
      6. Assignment for the next meeting