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Update dependent information

Student parents with qualifying dependents may be eligible for priority registration

To be eligible for priority registration:

  1. Students must have a child or children under 18 years of age who will receive more than half of their support from the student.
  2. Students must claim their priority enrollment appointment by updating their dependent information in OASIS Student Center by the published deadline.

The deadline for updating dependent information in OASIS is published on the Dates & Deadlines page each year. 

If you have questions or need assistance with reporting your qualifying dependents, please contact Basic Needs at If you are a student parent, Basic Needs has many services to support you! 

Step 1: Login to OASIS 

From the dashboard, select OASIS 

Late Reg 1 OASIS login


Step 2: Access OASIS student center  

From the student homepage, select student center tile



image of OASIS student center tile


Step 3: Select dependents

In the personal information section of OASIS student center, click the drop down menu under Other Profile Information, select dependents and click the blue chevron arrow on the right [ >> ]

Select dependents from personal information


Step 4: Update dependent information

  1. Select the Yes radio button to report dependent children
  2. Enter the date of birth of your youngest child in the Youngest Dependent's Date of Birth. In the screenshot example the date of birth has been filled as 01/01/2014. Note that you cannot enter a date that makes your dependent over 18.
screenshot of update dependents page in OASIS


Step 5: Certify and submit

After reading the printed information, check the student certification box and then click the submit button to report your dependent child(ren).

Image of OASIS certify and submit steps dependents

Date of Submission will appear with today's date when you are finished.

Image of OASIS submit confirmation for dependent certification