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Get credit for study abroad or U.S. exchange programs

CSU Monterey Bay offers students a variety of programs for those who wish to study overseas, or participate in exchange programs in the U.S. Some programs require a full year commitment, while other study abroad and exchange experiences last from a few weeks to a full semester depending on your specific objectives. If you are interested in pursuing one of these experiences, visit the Study Abroad website for more information.

How to receive academic credit for your study abroad or U.S. exchange coursework:

Download our checklist for help with processes related to your academic record within the Registrar’s office.

International & Exchange Programs Checklist

Prior to departure

Complete the Course Approval Form

The Course Approval Form is a tool to develop an approved and transferable list of courses while participating in a study abroad or U.S. exchange program. Once approved by the appropriate major advisor and/or GE representative, this worksheet will facilitate the transfer of course credit toward your major, minor and GE requirements.

Please check if your institution has existing course equivalencies before seeing your major advisor.

Before you leave, complete the Course Approval Form and submit the original to the Registrar's Office. Copies should be shared with the International Programs Office and your advisor. Be sure to keep a copy for yourself as well.

NOTE: Remember that studying abroad may affect your graduation date. It may take anywhere from 2-6 months for CSUMB to receive your official transcript. This may result in the need to delay your graduation to a future term.

Additionally, students may not continue to enroll in coursework towards their undergraduate degree beyond their graduation date, including study abroad. For example, a student who applied for spring graduation may not complete a study abroad course in the summer as part of their undergraduate degree. Additional enrollment options may be available.

Enroll online in ASE 290 or file for a Leave of Absence

If your international or U.S. exchange program is affiliated with CSUMB, you will enroll in ASE 290 as a placeholder course. Class numbers are distributed by the International Programs office. Contact the International Programs Office for a list of CSUMB affiliated programs.

If you plan to attend a university that is not affiliated with CSUMB, you will need to complete a Leave of Absence for the semester(s) you will be away. A Leave of Absence may not last for more than 2 semesters.

Completing a Leave of Absence allows you to maintain continuous enrollment and access to CSUMB services, and avoid having to reapply for admission to CSUMB when you return. You do not need to enroll in ASE 290 when you are approved for a Leave of Absence.

When your Leave of Absence is processed, the Financial Aid office is notified of your status.

Prior to return

Arrange for your transcripts to be sent to CSUMB

As soon as your final grades have posted, have your official transcript sent to:

Office of the Registrar


100 Campus Center

Student Services Building

Seaside, CA 93955

You should also have a copy of your official transcript sent to yourself. (Remember, to keep the transcripts “official” they must be in the sealed envelope – unopened!)

CSUMB does not forward transcripts received from other schools, including schools overseas. Transcripts received by CSUMB become part of your permanent record, and copies are not permitted. If you need to send transcripts to alternate campuses such as graduate schools, remember to order enough copies for each campus.

CSUIP students do not need to go through this process as it will be completed for you through the Chancellor’s Office.

Seeing that you received credit

Transcripts are normally received within 2-6 months and can take a month or longer to be integrated into your records. Be patient but don’t be afraid to ask the Registrar’s office if they have received your grades, where they are in the process of being integrated, if more info is needed, etc.

NOTE: Remember that studying abroad may affect your graduation date due to the amount of time if takes to receive and process international transcripts. This may result in the need to delay your graduation to a future term.

For students participating in CSUIP, coursework will be entered as part of your CSUMB record and will show on your official transcript as CSUMB coursework.

For students participating in CSUMB affiliated programs, coursework will be entered as transfer work, and will show as part of your transfer credit total at the top of your official CSUMB transcript. A notation will also be made indicating your program/location information for the term(s) you studied abroad. You will be able to check your OASIS account to view the individual transfer courses and grades under the Transfer Credit section of your Student Center.

For non-affiliated programs, the transcript will be evaluated to determine accreditation status and the amount of transferable coursework. Transfer credit will then be processed and viewable in your OASIS account.

Where to learn more or get help

If you have any problems finding where your grades were added, receiving your transcripts, etc., please contact the CSUMB Registrar’s office at 831-582-3085 or and contact the group/school with which you went on exchange.

If you would like more information regarding International Exchange, National Student Exchange or other exchange programs, please visit the Education Aboard Website.