CSUMB Magazine

Spring/Summer 2018

Towards a brighter future

CSUMB is helping lead an initiative to improve cradle-to-career outcomes.

Photo by: Richard Green
A student raises his hand at Alisal Community School in Elisa Verduzco's 5th grade class.

Supporting educational dreams

Programs use personal touch to help students succeed.

Photo by: Joan Iguban Galiguis
Ernesto Verduzco and Marie Alonzo serve as peer mentors to students.

A trail for everyone

Two CSUMB professors have a plan to make the peninsula more accessible.

Photo by: FORTAG
A 25-mile trail system will accommodate walkers, hikers and bikers.

Unlocking the Gene’s Secrets

Keck Foundation grant helps modernize the study of biology.

Photo by: Joan Iguban Galiguis
Professor Nate Jue is helping change the way biology is taught at CSUMB.

Playing by the Rules

Greg Harrod helps make sense of NCAA regulations.

Photo by: Blake Stocker
Greg Herrod

A Passion for Advocacy

Two-term AS president helps students speak up.

Photo by: Joan Iguban Galiguis
Lauren McClain

Natural Born Leader

Student veteran takes his seat at the table.

Photo by: Blake Stocker
Gilbert Bernabe leads the CSUMB Student Veteran Organization.

Building Bridges

Compiling, communicating campus crime statistics requires a collaborative effort.

Photo by: Joan Iguban Galiguis
Shanieka Jones is keeping CSUMB compliant with federal law.

Library Event Celebrates Farr Legacy Collection

Photo by: Randy Tunnell
Sam Farr (center) talks with CSUMB President Ochoa and former Congressman George Miller.

Saving the reefs

Can humans help corals adapt to a changing environment?

Photo by: Joan Iguban Galiguis
Cheryl Logan received a Fulbright Fellowship for study around the Galápagos Islands.

Bringing Fossils to Life with Illustration

McAfee’s image of a dinosaur attracts worldwide attention.

Andrew McAfee's illustration of a dinosaur has been published worldwide.