Towards a brighter future

CSUMB is helping lead an initiative to improve cradle-to-career outcomes.

student at desk raising hand

Photo by: Richard Green

A student raises his hand at Alisal Community School in Elisa Verduzco's 5th grade class.

Supporting educational dreams

Programs use personal touch to help students succeed.

students standing in an office hallway.

Photo by: Joan Iguban Galiguis

Ernesto Verduzco and Marie Alonzo serve as peer mentors to students.

A trail for everyone

Two CSUMB professors have a plan to make the peninsula more accessible.

hiker and bikers on same trail

Photo by: FORTAG

A 25-mile trail system will accommodate walkers, hikers and bikers.

Unlocking the Gene’s Secrets

Keck Foundation grant helps modernize the study of biology.

scientist using a gene sequencer

Photo by: Joan Iguban Galiguis

Professor Nate Jue is helping change the way biology is taught at CSUMB.

Playing by the Rules

Greg Harrod helps make sense of NCAA regulations.

Herrod standing in front of the basketball gym

Photo by: Blake Stocker

Greg Harrod

A Passion for Advocacy

Two-term AS president helps students speak up.

Lauren standing in front of a building

Photo by: Joan Iguban Galiguis

Lauren McClain

Natural Born Leader

Student veteran takes his seat at the table.

Gilbert in front of a map and US flag

Photo by: Blake Stocker

Gilbert Bernabe leads the CSUMB Student Veteran Organization.

Building Bridges

Compiling, communicating campus crime statistics requires a collaborative effort.

Jones talking to a co-worker

Photo by: Joan Iguban Galiguis

Shanieka Jones is keeping CSUMB compliant with federal law.

Library Event Celebrates Farr Legacy Collection

Farr talking with collegues

Photo by: Randy Tunnell

Sam Farr (center) talks with CSUMB President Ochoa and former Congressman George Miller.

Saving the reefs

Can humans help corals adapt to a changing environment?

Cheryl in a lab

Photo by: Joan Iguban Galiguis

Cheryl Logan received a Fulbright Fellowship for study around the Galápagos Islands.

Bringing Fossils to Life with Illustration

McAfee’s image of a dinosaur attracts worldwide attention.

Andrew outside

Andrew McAfee's illustration of a dinosaur has been published worldwide.

CSUMB student interns excel at FORA

Our students are building their skills with the help of local businesses.

student at a computer

Nick Prew interned at the Fort Ord Reuse Authority.

Class notes

President's message

President Ochoa

Photo by: Randy Tunnell

President Eduardo M. Ochoa