General compilations of information on individual countries, or directories of links to international websites.

See also Statistical Information.

BBC News World Edition: Country Profiles

Country overviews. including news stories, video and audio clips from BBC archives.

CIA World Fact Book

Background information compiled by the CIA on all nations of the world.

Country Studies Handbooks

In-depth reports on over 100 nations, from the Library of Congress.


Includes Country Reviews, political, economic, and business information on 191 countries, plus Country Wire, an on-line information update from United Press International and other news organizations.

Economist Country Briefings

Country fact sheets, plus economic and political forecasts from the Economist Intelligence Unit.

Eldis: Country Profiles

Eldis, a gateway to development information, provides links to resources on economic, political and environmental issues.

Foreign Governments

Links to foreign government Web sites, compiled by Northwestern University.


From Michigan State University, a comprehensive portal for international business and country studies.

Least Developed Countries Report

From the UN Conference on Trade and Development, these reports provide statistical tables and demographic information, and discuss economic development of LDCs (least developed countries).


A compilation of data from the UN, CIA World Factbook, and other sources, this site allows graphical comparison of country information.

U.S. Department of State, Background Notes

State Department database includes overviews and links to more detailed information for each country.

World Health Organization (WHO) Country Reports

Detailed health information for UN member countries.

World Statesmen

Flags, national anthems, maps, and chronologies listing leaders of countries since the 1700s.