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Student Spotlights: Ayaka Yoshida

Curious about life as an international student? We asked your burning questions to current and former students!

Meet Ayaka!

  • Major: Education
  • Home country: Japan
  • Program: Exchange (AY 2017-2018)

Ayaka's advice for new CSUMB international students:

Enjoy your life in California!
Ayaka Yoshida

What is your background? Where are you from and when did you arrive at CSUMB?

I'm from Japan, my home university is Chuo University. I arrived at CSUMB in August 2017.

What are you studying at CSUMB, and what do you hope to gain from your exchange program? Do you feel that CSUMB is helping you achieve those goals?

My major at CSUMB was Education and my minor was Global Studies. Some classes were very hard to follow, but I could pass them because all professors are friendly and tried to help us a lot.

What is your favorite aspect of studying at CSUMB?

Everyone is equal and free. This university was a great place to study.

What is your favorite restaurant in Monterey?

Alvarado Street Brewing Company

What have you learned about life in the U.S. that you hope to bring back to your country?

The high motivation for academics.

What has been the hardest challenge of adjusting to life in the U.S.?

Culture difference, room share, saying my opinion in the classes in which many Americans are there.

What do you miss most from home?

Family and food.

What is one thing that a new international student must do during their time in Monterey?

Do not be shy, hesitate, or be afraid for new things – and make as many friends as possible! Spend your amazing time at CSUMB with new people from other countries and enjoy the many differences, and make a new experience with them.

What is your favorite spot on the CSUMB campus?

The library.