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Michael Anderson (MIST alumnus)

Michael Anderson (MIST alumnus)

Michael Anderson (MIST alumnus)

December 6, 2022

By Jianshan Chen Khalsa

“…A successful career path with unlimited potential.”

Michael Anderson graduated from the Master’s degree in Instructional Science and Technology (MIST) in 2017. We reached out to Michael to learn more about his life’s journey and CSUMB experience. 

Why MIST?  “I have been an educator for over a decade across several grade levels and subject areas,” he told me. “When I realized that educators consistently lacked the professional growth support that they need, I chose to seek out the skills that would complement my talents which could enable opportunities to drive the professional growth of my future colleagues.”

He explained that he selected CSUMB because the MIST faculty, fellow cohorts, and facilities illuminated his quest to be an instructional designer. During his time as a “MISTer,” he received encouragement from his professors; specifically, the instructors Chris Beem, Troy Challenger, and Dr. Miguel Lara. According to Anderson, their patience, understanding, and tolerance made his journey possible. Anderson also received generous support from his classmates when facing challenges.

After CSUMB? After graduating from CSUMB, Anderson landed a great tenure-track faculty position as an instructional designer at Lassen College.  So far, he has integrated instructional design and project management principles to facilitate more than nine projects on campus and beyond.

Anderson would like to share that after earning his master’s degree at CSUMB, he has had the opportunity to serve an entire college community with creativity and purpose. He feels valued and even inspiring. He proudly says, “I feel that I am on a successful career path with unlimited potential.”