Office of Graduate Studies and Research

CSUMB “Grad Slam” 2024 (Cash Prizes!!)

The Grad Slam is a campus-wide competition for the best short oral research presentation by a graduate student. It is based on the internationally popular “Three Minute Thesis.” It is open to any CSUMB graduate student with a significant research project (not just master’s thesis) in any discipline. During the competition, graduate students are judged on their ability to successfully engage a non-specialist audience while communicating key details about their research in three minutes or less with just a single powerpoint slide.  To sign up follow this link to the application page.

Register to attend the competition on April 5th, 2024 at 12PM

Be sure to cheer on our top two Otters when they compete (live on zoom) at the State-wide challenge on May 3rd, 2024. 

Follow the Competition Progress
Our finalists have been chosen!
Sam Perrello, Moss Landing Marine Laboratories: Marine Science, M.S.
Alyssa Anzalone, Environmental Science, M.S.
Gerhard Gross, Environmental Science, M.S.
Skylar Wolfe, Environmental Science, M.S.

March 1, 2024
Application Deadline




2023 First Place Winner

Isaak Haberman
Marine Science, M.S.
Invasion of the intertidal urchins! How an unexpected population of sea urchins is contributing to kelp deforestation


2023 Second Place Winner

Kali Prescott
Marine Science, M.S.
Biologgers are such a drag...or are they?

Savannah headshot


2023 People's Choice Winner
Savannah Saldana
Applied Environmental Science, M.S.
Effects of Arundo donax removal on aerial invertebrates along the Salinas River

student on cliff

2022 First Place Winner

Juliana Cornett
Marine Science, M.S.
As Oxygen Declines in a Local Estuary, How Will Juvenile Flatfish Respond?

student in a field


2022 Second Place Winner

Connie Machuca
Environmental Science, M.S.
Save Our Streams: A Microscopic Solution to Pollution

student smiling

2022 People's Choice Winner

Rebecca L. Roberts
Environmental Science, M.S.
Mice Everywhere! Rethinking Food Safety and Water Quality Management within the Salad Bowl of the United States