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Fire Alarm Upgrade Schedule

The Facilities Management department is scheduled to upgrade the fire alarm systems (i.e., devices, wiring, etc.) on multiple building. Here is the tentative project schedule which depends upon building availability. Our intent is to schedule the work to minimize impact to the building occupants. This may cause some rearranging of the building order to accommodate all of the campus needs. We will update the schedule here, if that occurs. However, to accomplish the work, there may be dust and there will be noise in the immediate vicinity of the work area.

The assigned Facilities Management Project Manager (Katie LaPlace or Brian Tracy) will contact the respective Building Coordinator (or department leadership) to coordinate the work within the building.

We do appreciate your patience and support as we work to expeditiously complete upgrades to this essential emergency fire, life, safety system.

Fall 2020 Fire alarm upgrade master schedule 2020aug19