Facilities Management

Construction and Safety

CSUMB is an evolving campus, and with that evolution comes various construction sites and activities.

In order to help keep our campus - and all who use it - safe during construction, please follow these safety tips:

  • Remember that all fenced areas are off-limits
  • Try to avoid construction areas and traffic whenever possible. If you have to go near a construction site, be sure to follow all posted signage and instructions
  • Be sure to listen as well as look (put away your cellphone while walking!)
  • Pay special attention to construction traffic and machinery. Trucks and machines take much longer to stop and are harder to control than normal cars. Also, visibility in a large truck or machine is limited - if you haven't made eye contact with the driver, they won't know you're there
  • Construction materials can often be sharp or otherwise dangerous. For your own safety, please don't touch any materials you might encounter near the job site
  • Follow the instructions of traffic control workers. Often, traffic controllers are coordinating with traffic and machinery that you might not be able to see, so following their directions is crucial for safety.