Extended Education and International Programs

Global Engagement

Broward College Vietnam Partnership

California State University, Monterey Bay is proud to partner with Broward College Vietnam to prepare the leaders of tomorrow by providing a unique educational experience in Vietnam and Monterey Bay.

Students pursuing this pathway program can easily transfer to California State University, Monterey Bay to earn a Bachelor’s degree in the field of their choosing.

Admission Requirements

Must carry a minimum 2.0 GPA on university credits (on a 4.0 scale). If transferring as a lower-division student (less than 60 units), student must also have a cumulative 2.4 GPA from high school.

English Proficiency

Satisfied by any of the following:

  • Passing English Composition I or II at Broward Vietnam
  • TOEFL iBT score of 61, or paper-based score of 500
  • IELTS score of 5.5
  • PTE score of 45
Important Dates
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Broward Vietnam
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Pre-approved transfer courses

Below is a list of courses available from Broward Vietnam which meet transfer requirements to CSUMB. Courses can be taken in any order.

Students must complete one course in each of the General Education areas in order to complete that requirement.

Some courses can also be transferred as electives or major requirements.


  • SPC1608 Introduction to Public Speaking


  • ENC1101 English Composition I
  • ENC1102 English Composition II

B1 – PHYSICAL SCIENCE / B3 – LAB (where applicable)

  • CHM1045/L General Chemistry / Lab
  • EVR1001 Introduction to Environmental Science
  • GEO1000 Introduction to Geography
  • PSC1121 Physical Sciences Survey

B2 – LIFE SCIENCE/ B3 – LAB (where applicable)

  • BSC1005/L General Biology / Lab
  • BSC2010/L Introduction to Biology I / Lab


  • MAC1105 College Algebra
  • MAC1140 Pre-calculus Algebra
  • MAC1147 Pre-calculus Algebra & Trigonometry
  • MAC2233 Calculus for Business, Social & Life Sciences
  • MAC2311 Calculus & Analytical Geometry I
  • MAC2312 Calculus & Analytical Geometry II
  • MGF1107 Survey of Mathematics
  • STA2023 Statistics


  • ARH2000 Art Appreciation
  • ARH2402 Modern Art
  • ENG2101 The Film as Literature
  • MUL2010 Music Appreciation
  • THE2000 Theatre Appreciation


  • AML2010 American Literature: Colonial to 1900
  • AML2020 American Literature
  • AML2600 African American Literature
  • CRW1001 Creative Writing
  • ENL2012 British Literature to 1798
  • ENL2022 British Literature Since 1798
  • ENL2330 Introduction to Shakespeare
  • EUH1000 Survey of Western Civilization I
  • EUH2052 History of Spain
  • LIT2000 Introduction to Literature
  • LIT2020 Introduction to the Short Story
  • LIT2030 Introduction to Poetry
  • LIT2120 World Literature from Enlightenment to Modern
  • LIT2190 Caribbean Literature
  • LIT2310 Literature of the Supernatural & Sci Fiction
  • PHI2010 Introduction to Philosophy
  • PHI2600 Introduction to Ethics
  • REL2300 World Religions


  • SPN1120 Beginning Spanish I
  • SPN1121 Beginning Spanish II


  • AMH2035 United States History: 1945 to the Present
  • ANT2000 Introduction to Anthropology
  • CPO2002 Introduction to Comparative Government
  • CPO2140 Government & Politics of Spain
  • ECO2013 Principles of Macroeconomics
  • ECO2023 Principles of Microeconomics
  • EUH1001 Survey of Western Civilization II
  • INR2002 Introduction to International Relations
  • MMC1000 Intro to Mass Communication
  • PSY2012 General Psychology
  • SYG2000 Principles of Sociology
  • SOP2002 Social Psychology


  • AMH2010 History of the United States to 1877
  • AMH2020 History of the United States since 1877
  • POS2041 National Government (D2 and US 2&3)

Additional courses taken at Broward Vietnam may transfer to CSUMB and will be evaluated at the time of admission.