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Research Stay Exchange - University of Leon, Spain

Antonio Gallardo | Adjunct Professor – School of Education

The 2019 Research Stay Exchange began with a visit from Professor Elena Perez Barrioluengo, an education faculty member at the University of Leon, Spain. During this time Elena and I had the opportunity to become acquainted and formalize an academic and collegial relationship that continues to this very day. Shortly after Professor Barrioluengo’s visit to Monterey, I would make the trip across the Atlantic to share a bit of CSUMB with the University of Leon campus community.

I arrived in Madrid in May and made my journey by bus to the city of Leon. Leon is a mid-size Spanish city that is known for being on the historic pilgrimage route known as El Camino.

As a result of getting to know both Professor Elena Perez Barrioluengo and her partner David during their visit to CSUMB, I was extended an invitation to stay with them at their flat near the University of Leon. This turned out to be the best decision I could have made, and shaped the entire breadth of my visit to this special city. The constant exposure to the culture and generosity of my hosts closely aligned with the very idea of global citizenry that I came to discuss at the University of Leon.

My visit to the University of Leon was twofold. First, I presented a lecture on the CSUMB/Hartnell Teacher Pathway Program (TPP). Attendees were intrigued to learn more about TPP’s alternative educational model, which aims to recruit students from underserved communities and prepares them to become primary school teachers. Coincidentally, my visit took place during the University of Leon’s own “International Week,” in which a series of workshops, conferences and lectures were presented, including my own.

Secondly, I presented a series of lectures in two of Professor Barrioluengo’s education classes. The purpose of these lectures was to expand student understanding of the concept of Global Citizenry. As a lecturer in liberal studies, global studies, and service learning, I am deeply committed to an educational experience which prepares students at CSUMB to be global citizens and lifelong learners.

Both of these endeavors supported the overarching goal of building bridges and collaborative research partnerships with international faculty interested in CSUMB’s service learning model.

Elena, her partner, and Antonio in Monterey
City of León