Educational Opportunity Program

Why EOP?

EOP Mission Statement

The Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) serves as a primary vehicle for the CSU in increasing the access, academic excellence and retention of California’s historically underserved students (low income, first generation), thus working in the spirit and abiding by the legislative intent that originally established the program in 1969 and maintaining the innovation inherent in the program.

Services provided by EOP include:

  • Academic advising
  • Back on Track
  • One-on-one peer mentoring
  • Enrichment programs that include educational and cultural activities
  • Skill development workshops
  • A supportive environment of student peer mentors
  • Computer lab access
  • Summer Bridge and Freshman Year Experience (for freshmen only)
  • Transfer Student Orientation (for transfers only)
"I would like to thank EOP and my mentors for supporting me throughout my education. Your support made it possible for me to become a successful individual and accomplish many of my goals. As a first generation student, I will forever be grateful for the opportunity given to me to receive an education. Thank you!"
Betsy Sánchez

EOP Statistical Information

Rate of Good Standing

92% of EOP students who identify as first generation, low income, needing remediation in English or math, and underrepresented minorities remained in good academic standing throughout the 2016–2017 school year. Compared to 84.5% of Non-EOP students.

Graph showing rate of good standing, 92% vs 84.5%

Demographics of EOP Students at CSUMB

Retention Rate

80% of EOP students who needed remediation in Fall 2016 returned in Fall 2017, and 82% of all EOP Students in Fall 2016 returned in Fall 2017.

EOP students needing remediation are more likely to return vs non eop students
eop students more likely to return the next year compared to non eop students