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Summer Bridge- FREE and MANDATORY

"Being part of EOP has made my college career easier because I met so many people through Summer Bridge. We are like a family and help each other out with our classes."
Get a JUMP start on your SUCCESS!

The EOP Summer Bridge program is a transition program for invited EOP first-time freshmen. The program is designed to help students acquire the skills and knowledge necessary to build a bridge from high school to a successful college experience. While at Summer Bridge, the freshmen meet with mentors, experience university lectures, and attend a variety of workshops and presentations. Summer Bridge also is an opportunity for EOP participants to meet each other and the faculty and staff who will be assisting students in the fall.

During Summer Bridge, freshmen will:

Students will also attend workshops to help with their transition to the University.


July 17th -August 14th 2020


  • Progression Support
  • Early Start
  • Team-building activities
  • Community
  • Housing experience
  • Free of cost
  • Cultural Activities
  • Trips
"While in Summer Bridge, I met so many great people, who are still my friends today, three years later. It was also a great leadership experience, as well as learning true teamwork. This program really helped the transition in to college."
-Caitlin Forrey

Educational Opportunity Program

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