What are the benefits of joining EOP?

EOP’s goals and objectives are in assisting low income, first generation, and educationally historically disadvantaged college students. There are many comprehensive services available to assist students in reaching academic success and graduation. At CSUMB some of the main benefits include receiving:

  • Peer mentoring
  • Access to an EOP student exclusive computer lab and study lounge
  • EOP Grants (dependent upon financial need)

How do I apply to EOP?

Fill out the CSU application for Cal State Monterey Bay. Go to calstate.edu/apply to apply online. Check "Yes" in the EOP section asking if you wish to apply for EOP. Fill out all the necessary supplemental information. After submitting the CSUMB application, you will be directed to a link to complete the EOP application online.

Spring applicants: CSUMB is accepting spring applications for upper division transfer students only.

Re-admit students, who previously admitted through regular admissions at CSUMB or any other CSU who were not EOP, are not eligible to apply and be admitted into EOP.

May current CSUMB students apply?

No. EOP is a point of entry program. You are only able to apply to EOP prior to attending CSUMB.

If I submitted my CSU application and did not mark the EOP interest question with a YES, is it too late to apply to EOP?

No, it is not too late to apply for EOP. You need to log back into calstate.edu/apply and click on the Apply Online tab. Then click the Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) link, and select the specified semester you are applying for. Follow the online prompts for the rest of the application. Remember to hit “ SUBMIT” and upon completion you will be given a confirmation number.

How do I know if I am considered dependent or independent?

You are considered dependent if you are under 24 years old, even if your parents don’t support you.

You are independent only if you are 24 years old or older, have children, are a ward of the court or a current or former foster youth, are a military service member or are legally emancipated.

What do I do if the online EOP application is not working properly?

You can contact XAP Student support at 1(800) GO-TO-XAP (1-800-468-6927).

Can I submit a paper application?

EOP at CSUMB does not accept paper applications you must submit your application through calstate.edu/apply.

What is the deadline to submit a completed EOP Application packet?

CSUMB EOP has a priority deadline. Applications to EOP at CSUMB will be accepted after this date on a rolling basis depending on space and availability.

Please note that EOP applications are not reviewed until your application is complete. Make sure all documents are submitted by the deadline to ensure your application is reviewed.

Are EOPS community college students accepted automatically into EOP?

No, EOPS students are screened and selected based on the same criteria for all EOP applicants. A completed EOP application will be required.

What are the differences in services provided by EOP and EOPS?

EOP and EOPS share the same goals and objectives in assisting low income, first generation college students. However, EOP is point of entry program that provides comprehensive services, which include admissions assistance, academic success, and graduation. Each EOPS program has specific services and programs.

You must apply and be admitted before enrolling in your first semester at the university and adhere to EOP admissions deadlines.

If I am a transfer student who was not in EOPS at the community college, can I still apply for EOP?

Yes, the same qualification criteria will be applied to all students applying.

If I am admitted by the university, do I need to submit all my EOP forms?

Yes, complete all EOP admissions paperwork before our deadline. Deadlines will be on rolling basis after January. It is worth noting, that per state regulations students may NOT be admitted into EOP after starting their first semester at CSUMB.

Is there a special Financial Aid Application for an EOP grant?

No, the EOP Grant is part of the regular Financial Aid application process. You must submit the FAFSA between January 1 and March 2. EOP grants are awarded to EOP students with the most need. EOP students are required to renew their financial aid on a yearly basis.

How do I know if I am receiving the EOP grant?

To qualify for the EOP grant, applicants must have an Expected Family Contribution (EFC) of $0-1500. EOP grants are never guaranteed and always subject to availability of funds. Priority is given to students with the greatest need as demonstrated by their EFC. To check if you have received the grant you may look on you CMS account under “financial aid awards.” It may take a few weeks after classes begin for the Financial Aid office to complete EOP grant awards.

Do I need to re-apply every year for EOP?

No, EOP is an admissions program and once admitted you will remain in EOP status throughout your undergraduate education. Students previously admitted through regular admissions at CSUMB or another CSU cannot be admitted to EOP, unless you were previously an EOP student at another campus, in this case you will need to contact our office to do a CSU EOP transfer.

How do I follow-up on my EOP admissions status?

Please go onto calstate.edu/apply and check if both of your recommenders submitted your letters of recommendation. If your account shows your recommenders have complete the letters refer to your email to ensure we have not emailed requesting any other required documents from you. After you check both your Cal State Apply account and your email, please check your TO-DO’s on your CMS/student portal. If all of all your accounts show you have completed your required documents you may call the EOP Office at 831.582.3841 to ensure your application is complete and to find out your application status.

Are non-resident students eligible for EOP services?

No, only California residents are eligible to participate in EOP.

Does EOP serve graduate level students?

No, EOP is a program for undergraduate students only.

Does EOP cost me anything?

No, all EOP services are free to students.

Where is the CSUMB EOP Office located?

EOP is located in the Student Services Building (Bldg 47), 1st Floor. We are open from 8:00-5:00pm Monday through Friday; closed on CSUMB holidays.

Where can I see what my income eligibility is?

You may refer to the [family income guidelines](/node/20321/page/how-apply-0#2014-2015 eop-family-income-guidelines). Here you will find the maximum income that your family can earn for the year based on family size.

How do I send the required documents to EOP at CSUMB?

EOP applicants must submit EOP applications, Two Letters of Recommendation, and an Unofficial Transcript. The EOP application and letters of recommendation can be submitted through calstate.edu/apply. You may also submit your letters of recommendation and unofficial transcript by scanning and emailing them toeop@csumb.edu or faxing them to 831.582.4561

What is an official transcript?

An official transcript is a part of your CSU application. CSUMB requires an in-progress official transcript (due in December) and another official transcript after high school graduation (due in July).

An official transcript is a transcript signed, sealed, and mailed.

An unofficial transcript is a part of your EOP application and must be submitted to make your EOP application complete. An unofficial transcript is a transcript that can be a copy that can be faxed, scanned, emailed, or mailed to our office.

Is Summer Bridge mandatory?

Yes. All EOP first time freshmen must participate in Summer Bridge to be a part of the program. Failure to participate will result in being dismissed from the program and possibly the university. Also note that EOP pays for all housing and meals during the Summer Bridge program. Summer Bridge is FREE to all EOP students.