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Undergraduate Academic Disqualification

For more information on CSUMB's Undergraduate Academic Disqualification policy, please review section 5.30 of the Academic Standing Policy

Appealing Your Undergraduate Academic Disqualification Status (n

  1. Undergraduate students who are on Academic Probation and whose GPA is below the standards in the section 5.30 of the Academic Standing Policy for the Fall and Spring semesters will be Academically Disqualified (disenrolled) at the end of Spring Semester. Disqualified students have the opportunity to petition (appeal) the University for Reinstatement (re-enrollment). In order to petition for Reinstatement, a student is required to complete an Academic Undergraduate Disqualification Appeal form and must turn in all required documents. Required documents include: an updated Learning Plan created AFTER semester grades are posted (TBD). The Disqualification Appeal is required to be turned in no later than the deadline TBD. For any questions or concerns related to Academic Disqualification please contact the Center for Advising, Career & Student Success (831) 582-3937 and leave a message with your name, Student ID # and phone number, a receptionist will call you back to schedule Zoom or telephone appointment with:

1. Ardith Tregenza, Student Success Coord. for questions and/or assistance concerning Academic Disqualification Appeal. You can also email her directly at

2. Your Academic Adviser to update your Ed Plan after semester grades have posted and before the deadline to submit your appeal (TBD).

For directions and to download the Appeal form, please see the link below. For any questions or concerns please email Ardith Tregenza, Student Success Coord. at

Undergraduate Academic Disqualification Appeal Deadline:

Discontinued for Spring 2020 semester due to COVID19 considerations.

Important note: Graduate students who are academically disqualified should contact their program/department for further information.