Center for Student Success

Back on Track - Winter/Spring 2023

Back On Track is a program to help students with CSUMB or cumulative GPA below 2.0 access the resources and support that lead to future success and well-being.

Follow the steps below to complete the "Back on Track Process
  1. Meet with your academic advisor RIGHT AWAY to adjust your class schedule and your Learning Plan.  Schedule an appointment online or call 831-582-3937 
  2. Register now!!! Attend a "Back on Track" online Workshop ASAP!!!. Register here! 
  3. In January or February:  Schedule an appointment with your Back On Track Success Advisor (see the Back on Track advisor list for each major farther down on this page) to build a success plan for the semester, and to get connected with any additional support you may need. 
    Call 831-582-3937 for assistance in scheduling an appointment.  Leave a message with your name, Student ID, major, and phone number to schedule a "Back on Track" appointment with your academic advisor or your success advisor.
  4. By March 15th:  Attend at least one student success follow-up appointment with your success advisor
  5. If you don't complete this process by March 15, a registration hold will be placed on your account and you won't be able to enroll for spring 2023 classes until you complete the Back on Track process.

*Athletes,Guardian Scholars, EOP, TRiO SSS or CAMP students will meet with their program Retention Advisor for their Back On Track Initial and Followup appointments but need to have their Academic Advisor update their Ed Plan.