Center for Student Success

Back on Track to Success

Back On Track is a program that helps students on Academic Probation with a CSUMB or cumulative GPA below 2.0 access the resources and support they need to achieve future success and well-being.

The four "Back on Track" steps involve two meetings with your Academic Advisor and two meetings with your Success Advisor so that your success team can support your efforts to raise your GPA. 

It is crucial to meet with your Academic Advisor BEFORE the semester begins to adjust your schedule for the upcoming semester. Your Success Advisor will help you develop strategies for managing your workload and can connect you with resources and support programs. 

Steps to Getting Back on Track

Step 1- During June and July:  Schedule an appointment with your Academic Advisor to update your learning plan, adjust your schedule, and repeat any classes as needed. If you cannot find an open appointment, please attend DROP-IN ADVISING. If you are considering changing majors, you can call our office (831-582-3937) to schedule an appointment with the Academic Advisor for your new major. 

Step 2 - During July and August:  Sign up for a Back on Track Workshop and complete the workshop in July or August 2024. Link will be provided to you by your Success Advisor via email. Link will also be posted here soon.

Step 3 - Before September 20:  Schedule an appointment with your Success Advisor to build a success plan for the semester and connect with any additional support you may need. Learn about the progress reports that will be requested from your instructors. If your Academic Advisor is also your Success Advisor, you may combine steps 2 and 3.

**NOTE: Students are strongly encouraged to schedule regular check-ins with their Success Advisor to help them stay on track and for assistance with support resources or challenges that arise. Please let your Success Advisor know if new challenges arise and you need additional support or resources to thrive at CSUMB.

Step 4 - Before October 18:  Schedule a follow-up appointment with your Success Advisor to check-in. Your Advising Hold will then be lifted so you can register for Winter and/or Spring 2024 classes on time. 

If you have any questions about your academic probation status, please connect with your Academic Advisor and/or Success Advisor.

*Athletes, Guardian Scholars, EOP, TRiO SSS, or CAMP students will meet with their Program Retention Advisor for their Back On Track Initial and Follow-up appointments. Still, they must also connect with their Academic Advisor to update their Learning Plan.