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Back on Track - Spring Semester 2020

Back On Track is a program to support students on Academic Probation (GPA below 2.0) in identifying the resources and supports that lead to future success and well-being.

1. Complete the "Back on Track, Spring 2020" tutorial on iLearn by Thursday January 30, 2020

If you are also on Financial Aid Warning/Probation, the iLearn tutorial is NOT the same as the SAP workshop. Please contact Financial Aid for that information.

2. Complete Back On Track Initial Appointment with your BOT Success Advisor (listed below) by March 10th. (* If your BOT Advisor is also your Academic Advisor you can update your Ed Plan during your BOT Initial appointment instead of scheduling a seperate appointment.)

3. Update your Ed Plan with your Academic Advisor AS SOON AS POSSIBLE or before April 10, 2020. Academic Advisors availability fills up months ahead so make your Ed Plan Update appointment with them ASAP. *They cannot update your Ed Plan during a walk-in appointment.

4. Your Follow-up BOT appointment should be scheduled one month after your Initial BOT meeting. That's 2 meetings one month apart.

List of Back On Track Success Advisors:

CHHS- Esmeralda Maldanado

HCOM- Gladys Cabadas

SBS, GS - Tasneem Mohamed

MATH, STAT, ENSTU - Diana Valle

CART, VPA, MUSIC - Karen Wallace

TRANSFER STUDENTS in CS - Jacinto Salazar

BIO, MSCI, ESTP - Dr. Sharon Anderson

BUS, HDFS, KIN, LS, PSY, - Ardith Tregenza

Spansh, JLC, Undeclared- Lily Cruz

Schedule your appointments by calling the Center for Advising, Career & Student Success at 831-582-3937

*Athletes,Guardian Scholars, EOP, TRiO SSS or CAMP students will meet with their program Retention Advisor for their Back On Track Initial and Followup appointments but need to have their Academic Advisor update their Ed Plan.

Call by Jan 30, 2020 to schedule an appointment to meet with your Academic Advisor Schedule your appointment by calling the Center for Academic Advising, Career & Student Success at 831-582-3937.

*Guardian Scholars, EOP, TRiO SSS or CAMP students will meet with your program advisor. All other students will make their appointment at the Center for Student Success.

What people say about Back on Track

Past students have found the Back on Track process very helpful! Here are some of their feedback below:

"[My advisor] was the most helpful staff member here at CSUMB. She was motivating and helped me accomplish my goals overall."
"It helped me establish goals for a successful semester and helped me not to panic about academic probation."
"I enjoyed having someone to talk to about my struggles and successes throughout the semester."
"Very helpful with helping me get past my old habits of study and got me back on track and improve my grades."
"God bless you all, it was a real eye-opener to see how much help there is, willing hands to help us succeed. Life happens, but so does Center for Advising, Career and Student Success!"
"It was very helpful to have the opportunity to share my academic plans and goals with your Center."
"Very approachable staff. I feel very comfortable speaking toward them."
"It was very helpful and I feel like my questions have been answered well."

Center for Student Success

(831) 582-3615