University Communications

CSUMB Media Relations Resources

We’re interested in hearing your news, ranging from upcoming publications and presentations to grants, discoveries and trends. As your public relations partners, we provide counsel on communications strategy to determine the most effective approach to garnering media attention.

A CSUMB student interviews on camera with Univision about CSUMB's welcome back week activities.

By channeling the release of information through University Communications, the university is able to maintain professional, journalistic communication style and ensure a review process that allows for consistent, appropriate public image for CSUMB.

University Communications is the only office on campus permitted to send out press releases on behalf of CSUMB and its administrative and academic units.

Faculty, staff or academic or administrative units of the University proposing to send a press release or suggest issuance of an official University statement must work through CSUMB University Communications. The issuance of any media advisory, release or statement will be determined based if the release subject:

  1. Is in keeping with the University’s missions and strategic plan
  2. Is “newsworthy” enough to appeal to the news media
  3. Is likely to produce the desired result

CSUMB Coverage

Not every event will warrant external media coverage but fortunately University Affairs has a team of creative story-tellers who are eager to tell your story via, the CSUMB magazine, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

If you are inquiring about having your story told by CSUMB, you are encouraged to provide ideas or leads on stories that feature CSUMB students, staff, faculty or alumni via our story intake form.

Event Promotion

If you are announcing an upcoming event and would like to invite media you must create an event page that is hosted on a domain. To ensure maximum possibility of securing media coverage, please alert us at least two weeks before your event.

The White Sharks of California research panel filled the World Theater Jan. 30, 2018.

Once that page is created and sent to, we can discuss if your event warrants a University media advisory. If you have not previously created a University event page you may schedule a time with web services or attend one of their technology open labs every Friday from 10-12.

A event page will also allow you to schedule a dashboard message to reach internal audiences and allow us to direct all external communications about your event back to that page. This allows your event to be associated with CSUMB's brand and ensures consistency of message.

Once you have an event page is set up, please send a link along with a primary point of contact, a short summary of your event and press photos. A great deal of our external communication and marketing is done on social media, so graphic appeal is a necessity to maximize those assets.

Publication, Grant or Research Releases

We are happy to help announce your publication, grant or new research.

These releases are often more complicated, as they typically involve other institutions or the funding entities who may own the rights to issue the first press release. We must adhere strictly to the parameters set by the lead institution regarding release of information pertaining to publications, grants and research results.

Please email a minimum of two weeks in advance of the publication date with all information you have regarding the announcement. Expect the university communications to contact you to speak further about this process.

Other Free Resources

There are free resources for event promotion that you are encouraged to take advantage of such as promotion in the local newspaper event listings.

Monterey Herald GO! -- Send Calendar events at least one week in advance to

Monterey County Weekly -- Send Calendar events two weeks in advance to

Media Training & Interview Prep

If you would like to schedule a media training session or mock interview to practice media interview techniques please contact Noah Rappahahn.