Faculty are encouraged to attend the Commencement exercises in support of the students. Special seating near the stage is available for all faculty. Regalia is required for faculty participation in Commencement. "The deadline to order regalia is April 2, 2024. Please contact for details on how to order your regalia."

Banner bearers

Banner bearers must check in at 8:30 in full regalia. After you check in, you will gather near your banner and students graduating in that major.

As the students are directed to their seats, the banner bearers move to the front sides of the stage, face the audience and wait through the welcome. After the National Anthem has been sung, acting in unison, banner bearers will post the banners into banner holders located in front sides of the stage platform and then move to their seats. There will be no formal announcement for the banners to be posted. We will have reserved seating for banner bearers that will read, "Reserved for banner bearer."

Faculty participants

Once you are in full regalia, please head over to the venue. Faculty gather with the students to process in after the University Marshall, the banner bearers and students. A Faculty Marshall will lead faculty into the stadium following the students. Faculty is followed by the Platform Marshall and Platform Party.

Multilingual welcomers

Multilingual welcomers will gather at the venue and participate in the procession along with the faculty and proceed to seats reserved for faculty seating — first or second row. The welcomers should proceed directly to the microphone in front of the stage to give their welcome directly following the University Marshall’s welcome. Welcomers will take their seat after offering their welcome greeting in their assigned language. 

Transportation, traffic and parking

Traffic will be heavy. Plan extra drive time. 

Be sustainability minded

Biking and carpooling are encouraged. 

ADA parking

ADA parking is available for faculty or vehicles with state issued ADA placards.