Commencement Parking Permit FAQs

Why do we need a special permit for commencement?

Due to the growing number of graduates/guests and the limited parking around the stadium, a permit will help reduce the amount of vehicles for the event. Carpooling is highly encouraged.

Can I use my regular CSUMB permit to park instead of the one I am given?

No, the commencement parking permit is the only permit accepted to park in the event parking area.

Am I able to park anywhere on campus with my special permit?

The Commencement parking permit will allow the vehicle to park in the event parking area. Parking is on a first come first serve basis. A permit is not required on Commencement Day for parking lots adjacent to alternative viewing areas.

Is there ADA parking for people with disabilities?

Yes, signs will be posted directing guests to the ADA parking lot. Only vehicles displaying a valid DMV disability placard or license plate AND the special Commencement permit will be allowed to park in the ADA lot.

If I have an ADA hang tag from the DMV for a disability or medical condition, do I still need to display the parking permit I am given?

Yes, the pass is to allow you to park in the event parking areas. If you have a specific request that requires additional parking permits, please email and the request will be evaluated.

Can I park in a visitor’s stall with my parking permit?

There are no visitor stalls in the event parking area.

Is my parking permit good all day?

No, the Commencement Parking permit is valid for 5 hours, depending on the time of your ceremony. A permit is not required in lots 59/ 71 on Commencement Day.

What if I need additional permits? Can I buy additional passes?

The special permits are not for sale. Additional permits may be available based on unique, individual needs. Send an email request to with information to support your request. All requests will be reviewed but not all may be approved.

I lost my permit, can I receive a replacement?

Lost permits will not be replaced. Parking will be available in lot 71 for guests/graduates without a permit.

Will there be a drop off/ pick up area?

There is no drop off/pick up area. Due to the road closures and one way traffic in some areas, there is no drop off or pick up location.

Will there be a drop off area for elderly guests or guests with limited mobility?

There is a drop off in the ADA parking area for guests who have valid DMV disability placards or license plates. It is recommended that guests arrive early to park closest to the Stadium.

Will there be carts to help transport guests from further lots surrounding the stadium for elderly guests or guests with limited mobility?

No, a small number of golf carts will be available for use in the ADA parking area; however there will not be service to other event parking lots. Carts will only transport the guest needing assistance.

Will there be designated parking area for graduates?

No, all parking is general. Parking is on a first come first serve basis.

Do I need a motorcycle permit?

Motorcycles will not need a permit.

Will I be able to park in North Quad or East Campus?

The commencement permit will only be valid in the event parking areas. The permit will not be valid as an overnight permit for East Campus.

Is there an alternate viewing area? Will we need a commencement permit for that area?

Alternate viewing areas will be available at the World Theater, located on 6th Avenue. This venues offers indoor viewing on the big screen. No tickets are required at offsite viewing locations. The ceremony also will be broadcast on campus cable channel 72 and via live streaming video on the Internet. A permit will not be required to park at the World Theater or surrounding lots on Commencement day.