Accessible Technology Initiative

What Accessibility Means to Me

To the Disabled Person it means...

  • More efficient access to electronic services and information
  • More timely access to alternative instructional materials, including textbooks, media, and instructor-generated materials
  • Improved access to information technology and hardware

To Students it means...

  • We ask that you help create an inclusive environment that enables all students to be engage in activities and academics at CSUMB.
  • There are opportunities to serve as a note taker for Student Disability and Accessibility Center (SDAC) in some courses.
  • Some changes in CSUMB web sites may occur as areas are upgraded to meet accessibility standards.
  • Textbook information for courses will be available earlier
  • More instructional materials (syllabus, hand outs, etc.) will be available online.

To CSUMB Faculty it means...

  • We ask that you help create an inclusive environment in the classroom and with instructional materials that enables all students to be successful in their academics.
  • Work in a timely manner with Student Disability and Accessibility Center and the Center for Academic Technologies (Assistive Technology) to meet student assistive technology needs or identify alternative pathways for meeting course outcomes for students with disabilities.
  • Before selecting a new textbook or other instructional materials, check with the ATI Accessible Instructional Materials (AIM)Team about incorporating Section 508 accessibility standards into your materials.

To CSUMB Administrators and Staff it means...

  • We ask that you help create an inclusive environment in your work area that enables all employees to be successful in their chosen careers.
  • For CSUMB websites, follow best practices and meet all Section 508 accessibility standards
  • For web sites hosted outside of CSUMB's content management system, departments will be responsible for retrofit. Training for retrofitting will be coordinated through IT Web Services.
  • All new electronic and/or information technology (such as computer hardware and software) requests will be vetted with Section 508 standards before approved through the procurement process.