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How Advising Works at CSUMB

You can make an appointment with Academic, Career & Success Advisors - click the link below:

Make an appointment

Types of appointments

30 minutes

Creation of New Education Plan, Orientation: Student creates initial plan or requires a new plan due to change in major; reviews advising guidebook with advisor to understand advising expectations.

Graduation Check: Student requests assistance with planning for graduation next term.

Support Services for Academic Issues: Student seeking information, guidance and support e.g. students on academic probation.

Workshop: Pre-scheduled sessions. Students may sign up to create education plan in a group classroom session.

Other types of 30 minute appointments

Updates to Education Plans: Students have a plan, needs review and update.

Graduation Application Denied: Students need time with advisor to review requirements to be met and discuss appropriate courses to take.

Major Exploration, Declare/Change Major: Students work with advisor to review and update education plan.

Walk-ins - For quick advising questions - 10-15 minutes

Verification of Class Choices: General questions; course selection to prepare for registration.

Quick Academic Progress Review: inquires about being on track for targeted graduation date.

Quick Policy Review or Clarification

Declare / Change Major or Minor: no updating or creation of education plan requested.

Center for Advising, Career & Student Success

(831) 582-3937