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Permission Numbers

What are permission numbers (Add codes)?

Permission numbers are needed to get into courses that have restricted enrollment.There are some specific reasons why you may need permission codes:

  • Your final official transcripts with grades for course pre-requisites are not yet in Oasis
  • The department has placed "instructor consent" or "department consent" on a course.
  • A faculty member has given you approval to enroll in a course during the 2nd week of the semester. 

Whom do I email to request a permission number?

Find the course subject from the list below, and email the corresponding person/department to request a permission number They will typically respond within 1-2 business days. Make sure you include this information in your email:

  • Your name and student ID), your major, and the class number and section (ex. HCOM 312-01 where "01" is the section number)
All email addresses are
SUBJECT Email   
AGPS carmramirez  
ASL wlc  
BIO aricher  
BUS Last Names A-L: kecollins
Last Names M-Z erverduzco
CAD hwainscoat  
CART jbenge (Please fill out the CART permission number request form)  
CHEM shanderson   
CHHS hbrearton  
CD nbolanos  
CS vanlopez
For CS online degree completion: kayrolicheck)
ENSTU carmramirez  
ENVS shanderson  
FYS memaciel  
GEOL shanderson   
GS shanderson  
HCOM wrutledge  
HDFS human_development  
HOSP kecollins  
IST n/a  
ITAL wlc  
JAPN wlc  
KIN uborg  
LING liberal_studies  
LS liberal_studies  
MAE jeharris  
MATH jessiherrera  
MPA shanderson  
MSCI maustin  
NURS n/a  
PANM hbrearton  
PH hbrearton  
PHYS shanderson  
PSY Fill out PSY permission number request form   
RSCH uroc  
SBS shanderson  
SL pmotoike
for permission numbers for College Corps
SOC shanderson  
SPAN wlc  (Please completee the Spanish Placement exam before requesting a permission number for a SPAN course. The test takes 20-30 minutes to complete and will show which the appropriate level of Spanish.   
SPED dmoitoso  
SPSY dmoitoso  
STAT shanderson  
SW hbrearton  (undergraduate only),
vhgonzales  (graduate only)
VPA nbolanos   
WLC wlc  

How do I use a permission number?

Oasis guide to using permission numbers How to use a permission number quick-start pdf