Academic Affairs

Academic Planning

Program Planning Templates

  • The following templates should accompany all program revision proposals - be they limited or major in scope:

    Two-Year Pathway Template
    Four-Year Pathway Template
    Curriculum Map Template
    AA-T/AS-T Curriculum

    Limited Revisions

    Do you need to make limited revisions, such as updating course options or revising MLOs to an existing program (degrees/concentrations, minors, credentials, certificates)? Do you want these changes to be published in the next 2024-2025 catalog? Please sign into Curriculog (available from the Dashboard) and use the proposal template titled Limited Program Revisions for 2024-25 Catalog to input desired changes. 

    Access Tips and Best Practices for Submitting Your Program Revision Proposal in Curriculog

    Major Curricular Changes

    Are you making big changes to your program that may affect student progress through the degree? To propose major program changes, please use the following template:

    Do you need to change a program name and/or its CIP code? Are you wanting to offer the program at an off-campus location? Do you want to sunset an existing program? Find the appropriate template below:

    Can't find what you need? Please use the Intake Form for All Academic Programs to indicate your goals. You will be provided an outline of the process, the appropriate template, and a projected timeline to accomplish your plans. Questions? Please call 831-582-5254 or email

  • Do you have an idea for a new degree program? Have you consulted with your College Dean and the Vice President for Enrollment Management & Student Affairs to further hone this idea? Propose your idea for a new degree program using the Prospectus Template and submit to your Dean. Deadlines for Prospectus Submissions to be determined.

    Has your Prospectus been vetted by your College Curriculum Committee and Dean?  Has your College Leadership determined this idea should move forward to the next stage? If so, they will provide access to the Degree Projection Template and Resource Worksheet (new and existing). 

    Timeline to be determined.


    Questions? Please call 831-582-5254 or email