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Women's Leadership Council

Supporting educational opportunities for re-entry students at CSUMB.

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Women's Leadership Council, CSUMB
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The mission of the Women's Leadership Council is to support educational opportunities for re-entry students at CSUMB.


Encourage women to play a philanthropic leadership role at CSUMB.

Increase knowledge of CSUMB among women leaders in the community.

History and Accomplishments

The Women's Leadership Council has a membership base of over 140. Membership contributions, proceeds from the annual luncheon, grants, and the Council's scholarship endowment generate support for re-entry students at CSUMB.

Since 2003, the Women's Leadership Council has:

  • Grown the WLC Scholarship Endowment to more than $345,000
  • Awarded more than 110 scholarships to re-entry students at CSUMB, including $50,000 (20 scholarships of $2,500 each) for the 2019-2020 academic year
  • Distributed more than 115 emergency awards of up to $500, enabling re-entry students to stay in school when faced with unexpected financial obligations
  • Offered a professional clothing closet "Otter Outfitters" for CSUMB students and alumni
  • Inaugurated the Community Woman of Distinction in 2017

Who are re-entry students?

Re-entry students comprise approximately 20 percent of the CSUMB student body. CSUMB re-entry students:

  • Have returned to school after an absence of a year or more
  • Face financial challenges, including parental responsibilities, that traditional students do not encounter
  • The majority are women