When should I submit my military transcripts?

We strongly suggest submitting your military transcripts and DD214 to the Admissions Office as soon as you apply to CSUMB. Basic Training/Boot Camp credits may meet a lower division General Education requirement.

Army, Navy, Marines & Coast Guardsmen Joint Services Transcript

Community College of the Air Force Transcript

What should I do if I change my class schedule after I have submitted my certification request?

It is your responsibility to inform Veterans Services Office of any schedule changes immediately so that your benefit certification can be adjusted as necessary.

What happens to my benefits if I receive a "W" or a "NC" grade?

Courses in which you receive a "W" or "NC" grade are considered "non-punitive" and you may be required to return benefit funds back to the VA

Will the VA pay for courses that are not degree requirements?

No. The VA will only pay for courses that meet outstanding requirements for your degree.

I will be receiving additional scholarships. How does this affect my benefits?

The VA is the "last-payer" when it comes to tuition and fee charges. This means that if you are the recipient of a "tuition-specific" scholarship, the scholarship must be applied to your account FIRST and the remaining balance will be covered by the VA.

Does my Cal Vet Waiver cover campus fees, meal plan, or housing?

No. The Cal Vet Waiver only covers state tuition charges. It is your responsibility to pay all required campus fees, housing and meal plan charges by the fee deadline.

Are there any degree programs that do NOT accept the Cal Vet Waiver?

The Cal Vet Waiver can NOT be applied to any programs offered through Extended Education (including Open University and ACE).

Can I use my Cal Vet Waiver for Winter or Summer terms?

No. The Cal Vet Waiver only covers state tuition charges. Winter and Summer terms are offered through Extended Education which does not charge "state tuition".