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Upward Bound

Upward Bound's Summer Residential Program

Upward Bound prides itself in providing every opportunity for our students and focus on enhancing the college awareness experience for all. We ensure we cover every aspect of the college going process, and that includes the residential life! Some of our students apply to schools outside of their city, county, and even states! This means that students will be moving out from home to campus housing or near campus living. Our Six Week Summer Residential Program prepares you for this experience and gives you the opportunity to gain transferrable college credits, ALL PAID FOR! 

***Note: Upward Bound participants at CSU, Monterey Bay are REQUIRED to attend two Summer Residential Programs to remain eligible in the Upward Bound program***

Summer Residential Program

Upward Bound provides a six-week residential experience to its participants at our campus, CSU, Monterey Bay. Students have the opportunity to live on campus from mid-June through mid-July and enroll in college credit courses in subject areas such as math, history, science and art. While enrolled, Upward Bound Staff and Summer Staff are there throughout the summer semester supporting our students holistically to ensure students and faculty are meeting each other's needs.

Upward Bound's Summer Program participants also participate in co-curricular and enrichment activities, such as: ropes course activities, an etiquette dinner, outdoor recreational activities, beach activities, our annual Upward Bound's "UB Has Talent" talent show, kayaking in the Monterey Bay, a California State University tour, and much more!

Upward Bound students posing at the Otter Student Union on a beautiful afternoon admiring the sunset.

Upward Bound students at the Otter Student Union, 2022

Upward Bound students eating at the Dinning Commons at CSU, Monterey Bay

Upward Bound students enjoying a meal at the Dinning Commons at CSU, Monterey Bay; 2022

One Week Southern California University Tour

Upon successful completion of the Summer Residential Program and college courses, students are invited to take part in the Southern California University Tour to select universities and colleges throughout the southern area of the state. This experience allows students to see a variety of California colleges and universities, majors, campus amenities, expands their horizons of the college selection process, to overall give students an insight of the college student identities. 

Alongside the campus tours, we also schedule in tourist attractions of the area, where students are given the opportunity to explore outside of their communities. Upward Bound covers lodging, meals, and provides stipends for students to use at the group destination. Some of our highlights include: Placita Olvera in Los Angeles, CA; Chicano Park in San Diego, CA; Disneyland Park in Anaheim, CA; Dodger Baseball in Los Angeles, CA, and much more!

This trip also prepares students for the next academic year and supports seniors to make choices about the universities and colleges they will be applying to. It also allows younger students to begin planning their educational journey and to think about a potential university or college to attend and/or major to pursue. 

Upward Bound students posing at the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena, CA

Upward Bound students visiting the California Institute of Technology campus in Pasadena, CA; 2022

Upward Bound students and staff at the Disneyland Park in Anaheim, CA; 2022


Upward Bound students and staff at a baseball game in Los Angeles, CA

Upward Bound students and staff at the Nationals @ Dodger Stadium game  in Los Angeles, CA; 2022